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Apex thoughts also should say this mostly a wraith guide

Well I was playing and I think the game is amazing rn my favorite character is wraith for the simple fact I feel she is the most toxic and she cute but beside that she is honestly a great character her passive tells you if someone is looking at you or nearby you which is a useful ability on it's own but with into the void you can use it if your pushing someone and if they notice you or look at you, you will know so you can go into the void to make sure they dont get there guaranteed damage off which is very useful granted there is always a time where it cuts you off and only at the time which makes it more balanced now her special since I dont wanna talk about her into the void all day now her special is amazing too if your leaving your teammates behind you can drop one to help or one at the respawns beacon if one of your teammates have died so they can go there and revive quick or using it around a house so you can switch around entrances confusing your opponents and works well if someone has bloodhound so you know there position now if you want to get it in the house undetected you can use your ability into the void with your special so you cant get hit or them to know your placing it and you got reallllyyyy fast which is great so this makes it easier to rush opponents and not get hurt with your squad to make a tactical push this is great with Gibraltar for when you finish it and might get shot he can instantly come in and place a shield down to help the squad or instead of using into the void that girl Bangalore can just place a bunch of smoke to hide your cover wraith is an amazing character I enjoy well if anyone reads this or anything hope you enjoyed my little review on wraith #guide #wraith #apex

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  • FrozenBanana LV.1 Mootie Feb 17, 2019, 09:00 AM

    I use either Bangalore or Lifeline.

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    Hehehe ha

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  • Jaeger 94 LV.6 Nomad Feb 20, 2019, 08:52 AM

    For anyone who doesn't know but would like to know she is voiced by Patty from "The Flash"