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Hey folks!   Please read this brief post about how to correctly use this Lounge!   Remember: this Lounge, its Boards, and all other Lounges & their respective Boards all fall under Moot's Content Policy.

    1. Featured Board   This is the Lounge's front page; this Board is where posts that are popular will appear. Mods can also hand-pick posts, so the content will always vary!   2. General   This is where the majority of all content goes, except for the content addressed in other Boards.   3. Looking for Group (LFG)   This is where you'll find the best teammates around! All posts relating to looking for teammates, scrims, groups, games, etc. ALL go here.   4. Promotions   This is where promotional content goes, i.e. Twitch, Youtube, personal/social media, etc.     That's it! Enjoy the Lounge :)

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