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The Beginner's Guide - 03

11. Use the Ping system to communicate

Apex Legends ping system lets you communicate with your squad by calling equipment, locations, threats, and more. It is mostly context sensitive. You just have to highlight something, press R1 / RB / middle mouse button to tell it to your team. As a rule, all relevant information is included, eg. B. Gear ratio or type. You can also press and hold the R1 / RB / middle mouse button to call up a wheel with more options, or double-press R1 / RB / middle mouse button to instantly display a hazard when searching.       12. Use the red balloons to quickly reinsert them and slide into a new area

Red balloons are scattered on the Apex Legends card. When you get to one, you can press Square / X / E to go up the connected line and reinsert your jump pack to slide into a new area. It's great to reach higher areas and travel fast, whether you want to escape from other players or the Circle.       13. Try and grab a knockdown shield if you can

The Shield is a practical protective barrier that can take you from ground looting and dead enemies. You can then pull it up when you are knocked down so that you stay alive long enough to be revived. In a shutdown state, you can use R2 to use it. It is very useful if you stay exposed or in the middle of a fight.     14. Learn how to use your inventory space and get more

Your basic inventory consists of eight slots, and each time you pick something up, a two-row grid appears in the center of the screen, showing you how much space you're using. You can increase your inventory in Apex Legends by finding backpacks. These give you more space depending on the level.   White level one - carry two more items Blue level two - carry four more items Purple level three - carry six more items   15. You can perform a Finisher on a downed player

Nothing makes a victory sweeter than rubbing someone's face in it. That's exactly what you can do with the square / X / E button. Just approach an enemy you've knocked down and hit square / X / E to perform on Apex Legends Finisher move. You can unlock and choose other options by selecting a character in the Legends section of the game menu.     #Guide #TBG

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