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Legend Guide #5: Gibraltar

-------------------Basic Info-------------------   1. Passive (Gun Shield): Aiming down sights deploys a gun shield that blocks incoming fire.   This very powerful passive automatically creates a shield that covers the upper half of your body every time you aim down sights. If the shield takes enough damage, it will break. Once it breaks you have to wait for it to recharge before it’s active again.   2. Tactical (Dome of Protection): Throw down a dome-shield that blocks attacks for 15 seconds.   Gibraltar throws down a large transparent dome that blocks all attacks (both friendly and enemy). This is a great resource if your squad is taking fire or you need to revive a teammate.   3. Ultimate (Defensive Bombardment): Call in a concentrated mortar strike on a marked position   Very similar to Bangalore’s ultimate, but covers a smaller area. This makes the strike more concentrated so if it’s placed well, it can seriously damage or even knock down enemies.   ---------------------Tips for playing Gibraltar-----------------   1.Using the dome to your advantage   It’s important to remember that the dome blocks all attacks including those of your teammates. Your team has a massive advantage however because they get the benefit of choosing when to exit and enter the dome. By popping in and out of the dome you and your team can get free shots on an enemy which can help swing the fight in your favor. Of course, if the fight is completely losing you can simply use the dome to cover your backs while you run away to safety.   2. Using cover with your passive   Your passive covers most of the upper-half of your body, so if you can get behind cover that protects your lower half, you can shoot at enemies while being almost entirely protected. When Gibraltar pulls this off, his incredible defensive capabilities makes him one of the best offensive legends in the game.   3. Fighting with Gibraltar   Gibraltar is best in close quarters and at sniping range. In close quarters your passive makes it very difficult for enemies to land shots on you, especially if they are hip-firing. For this reason it’s important to always ADS with Gibraltar even in close combat situations. Likewise, sniping behind cover is very effective because you can avoid the first shot with your passive. This gives you one free sniper shot at the enemy where you have the chance to knock them while you can’t get hurt.   4. Play with caution   With all of his shields and defensive capabilities, it’s easy to feel invincible with Gibraltar. This can often lead you to overextend or take fights in a bad position. Always remember that your shields can break and your dome is just temporary. If you run out into the open and rely on your defenses to protect you, a smart enemy will simply wait out your shields and take you down while your abilities are on cooldown.   #Guide #Gibraltar  

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