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The Beginner's Guide - 02

6. Move faster in Apex Legends by holstering your weapon

Getting about is always key in a battle royale game whether it’s to reach loot or get out of the circle. In Apex Legends you can hold triangle/Y to holster your weapon and move faster.     7. Choose a legend that fits the squad

When you start a match Apex Legends teams are chosen one at a time, player by player which means not only might someone pick ‘your’ character before you, they might also choose a similar type. If you’re second, or especially third, you want to go for something that better balances the team.   8. Respawn allies who’ve died in battle.

In battle royale games, you want to stay alive as long as possible — to be the last player standing. But if you or your teammate gets knocked down, and can’t be revived in time, there’s still hope.   9. Manage your inventory

Keeping a tidy inventory is fundamental to proper gameplay as it's always good to collect and keep what you need while getting rid of things that you don't. Since it's a battle for loot in the beginning, you might want to help a teammate who could not find anything. If you want to drop an item in Apex Legends to get another person to hit the loading screen with the hit options, select the item you want and click       10. Know your colors

The color scheme used in Apex Legends can be a powerful tool if you have become familiar with it. The colors stand for rare objects, with gray being the rarest, then blue, then purple and finally gold the rarest. Loot dropped by excreted players shines in the color of the rarest item in the supply, making it easier for you to decide which stock to loot first. Colors also play a role in combat, as the color of the damage figures that appear when opposing players strike indicates how rare armor they carry.     #Guide #TBG

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