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The Beginner's Guide - 01

  1. The maximum health of the player is 200 HP with maximum armor

Each Apex Legends character has a base state of 100 hp. The armor you can collect can add up to between two and four 25HP. This means that the maximum health you can go against is 200 HP.   2. The color of the damage numbers shows you enemy

  Enemy numbers will be displayed and you will learn a lot about what you are getting into.   Red numbers mean that your opponent has no armor White numbers indicate level 1 armor Blue numbers show the armor of the second level Purple numbers show the level 3armor Yellow numbers indicate a head shot   By understanding these numbers, you can effectively see how strong the threat of an enemy is. If the numbers are red, indicating that there is no armor, it is a good idea to pursue them. Purple numbers with legendary armor mean you may want to hold back.     3. Loot colors indicate levels

Armor, weapons, attachments, enemy loot boxes and almost everything in the game has a color that indicates its level - the higher the better. Higher armor offers more protection and so on. In enemy loot boxes the color indicates the highest level. The colors are as follows:   Level 1 - White Level 2 - Blue Level 3 - Purple Level 4 - Gold   Gold level 4 armor and gear in Apex Legends is rare but it exists. It's basically the same as purple level 3 but comes with perks:   Gold helmet - faster tactical and ultimate cooldowns Gold armor - refills shields after an execution Gold backpack - faster health/consumable use Gold Knockdown shield - self revive once     4. Ammo colors indicate type of weapon

There are basically four ammo types in Apex Legends: light rounds, heavy rounds, energy ammo and shotgun shells which are all indicated by a color:   Light rounds - brown Heavy rounds -blue Energy ammo - green Shotgun shells - red   5. Some weapons have an alternate fire mode

Not every Apex Legends gun has an alternative fire mode, but it might be useful. Changing a full auto weapon to single shot for example will make you more accurate over range. If your gun has an alternate fire mode, it'll have a d-pad icon on the bottom right corner, just tap left to switch. The options include single fire, burst fire and full auto.     #Guide #TBG

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