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Legend Guide #4: Pathfinder

----------------------Basic Info-------------------------   1. Passive (Insider Knowledge): Scan a survey beacon to reveal the ring's next location.   There are survey beacons scattered around the map which you can hack to reveal where the next ring will be. It’s usually very easy to get to the next ring in this game, so while knowing where it will be is useful information and worth doing if you happen to come across a survey beacon, it’s definitely not worth going out of your way for.   2. Tactical (Grappling Hook): Grapple to get to out-of-reach places quickly.   Pathfinder’s grappling hook is precisely what makes him so good. It’s a fantastic mobility tool that allows Pathfinder to reach areas quickly, enabling him to loot faster, join fights faster, and escape danger.   3. Ultimate (Zipline Gun): Create a zipline for everyone to use.   Your ultimate ability allows you to create a zipline, allowing you and your team to quickly traverse the map. While there is a limit to how far you can place it, the range is absolutely massive and you’re unlikely to encounter a situation where there’s no good place to zipline.   -------------------Tips for playing Pathfinder---------------------   1. Use Grapple constantly   Grapple has a very low cooldown so I recommend using it constantly. Pathfinder has a low base movement speed, but his grapple allows him to move around the map faster than any other legend. It’s not just useful for going up - you can use the grapple on trees and rocks to launch yourself past them at insanely high speeds. You can even grapple enemies to stop them in their tracks and pull yourself toward them. Making the most of your grapple is the number 1 key to mastering Pathfinder.   2. Using your ultimate to win fights   You can use your ultimate to create advantageous positions for your team, such as securing the high ground and being able to cover multiple positions at once. The best way to do this is for your team to split up while you use your ultimate to link your positions. This allows your 2 teammates to engage an enemy in close quarters while you snipe at the enemy. This makes it so that if your teammates get into trouble they can use the zipline to retreat to your safe position or you can take the zipline to quickly join your team.   3. Using your ultimate to disengage   This one is a bit tricky because you’re not incredibly fast on the zipline and the enemy knows exactly where you're going. That’s why I recommend using cover and altitude changes to disengage. For example, run behind a rock and use your zipline downhill. This will make it tough for enemies to have a good angle to shoot you. That said, you’re still pretty quick and a moving target is much more difficult to hit than a stationary one, so sometimes you’ll have to take a risky zipline to avoid a completely losing fight.   4. Mastering the zipline   The ziplines have a lot of cool mechanics that everybody (not just Pathfinder) can use. Of course, if you’re playing Pathfinder you’ll want to be a master of these cool little tricks. For example, if you’re on the zipline and you end up realizing that taking it is a bad idea, you can jump, turn around, and take the zipline back the other way. Always remember that you can still shoot while you’re ziplining. You’re a much more difficult target to hit than a stationary enemy, so you can often win a gun fight while on the zipline.   #Guide #Pathfinder  

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