The Badguy The Badguy LV.11 Chief
Feb 7, 2019, 02:25 PM 1,255 read

The hunter sent by the gods themselves BLOODHOUND

Blood hound is the silent tracker that sees you before you see him. I started using him as a support to my team and we always make it to the final 3 or win. Learning how to use his passive is key to victory Bloodhound's passive ability tells you where a enemy was, and what they were doing. Noticing his passives hints can save you from walking into a ambush. With his first ability you scan the surrounding areas and highlight enemy's nearby food your teammates. **BUT BEWARE* * his first ability shoes you a hologram of the enemies last location and a counter at the tip for the amount of hostiles in the area. I typically use his first about when I first drop, and when my team is looting for better gear. This way no one can catch us off guard. Also when a Bangalore uses her smoke screen, his 1st ability highlights enemies through the smoke. His ultimate turns him into the God sent tracker/hunter that terrorizes the battlefield. It's your first ability times 100!. It gives you an active location of all surrounding enemies as well as boosting your reflexes (reload speed) and ADS (Aim down sights) time. I personally dont noticed any speed boosts. The proper utilization of a bloodhound will definitely give your team the upper hand.

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