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Feb 7, 2019, 03:50 AM 1,517 read

Your favorite Legend?

Hey everyone, Did you already put your hands on the latest marvel by Respawn Entertainment? Which of the Legends is your favorite?

With Apex Legends it seems like even I can finally find myself getting into a Battle Royale game. As a dedicated Titanfall player I, of course, didn’t hesitate any longer and downloaded the game and I don’t regret anything! Although the legend selection is yet quite modest, I already picked my favorites. My all time favorite is Gibraltar. With his deployable shield as passive and a dome-shield as tactical he provides maxium protection not only for himself but also for his squad! His true utility however comes with his ultimate: Devastating mortar fire!

Gibraltar is the perfect pick for solo-queuing, however to unleash all his potential you should definitely bring a premade squad! Anyway what are your favorite picks? Do you already have your mains? Share your picks in the comments. Stay awesome!

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