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Feb 7, 2019, 01:05 AM 3,488 read

The Apex Legends Featured Board is here!

You all have been amazing so far here in the Apex Legends lounge! We've seen some amazing posts from several different users, and why not? This game is hype! We didn't plan on adding a featured board to the lounge so soon, but with the amount of great content everyone is creating we felt compelled to!   Check out some of these amazing posts!   From LyraPhantasm:

From IRCrosshairs:

From Jefster303:

From Purple:

If YOU want to be on the featured board like these above users it's easy; just share your passion for Apex Legends in the form of some great content! Got a favorite drop spot? We want to know where! Clutched a 1v3 to win your first game? We want to see it! Have 7 reasons why you think Apex Legends will replace Fortnite? We want to hear them!

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