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Feb 6, 2019, 10:19 PM 1,209 read

Is Apex Legends gonna take over the gaming world as the best battle royale game?

So,I started playing this game when it was first released,about two days ago,and it feels good playing it.The action in-game is intense and the stuff that your character can do is making you feel the action.I saw some articles that this game made 1 mil players in 8 hrs.The game just appeared and made its self so popular.I am pretty sure that this boost into the gaming world was made by the streamers that were supporting it,but the game is damn good.Now,why is it a really great and fun to play?

There are lots of factors that make the game fun,and here are some. -The gameplay itself is fun to play because right now it doesn’t have solos,and you can only play in duo/trio.That makes the game more intense by having to plan with your teammates where to go and what to do next depending on how they play and where the next ring will be. -The jumpmaster is an awesome add to the battle royale world,but why?In other games,like Fortnite or PUBG,you can find some new players that have to learn the game and the keybinds of the keyboard/controller so that they will jump where you are going at the same time in the same way.(The game has a cool other factor,you can see what level are your teammates before the beginning of the game,so that you’ll know what type of players are they.) -This one has to be one of the best factor that makes this game so good to play.There is no falling damage!

I,as a gamer,hate the falling damage and if you read this you probably hate it too.This makes the game longer and intense by leaving the fight,heal and come back ready to fight again. -One more factor that is awesome as the no falling damage one is that you can revive your teammates if they die.How you do this?Easy!You have to go to their loot box and take their banner,after that you have to go to a beacon.That’s it.A ship will come with your teammate healthy and ready to fight again.But without guns. -What makes this game most fun is that there are eight legends right now,and every legend is customizable,but,the idea of this factor is that you can actually earn the outfits.I love the idea that you don’t have to spend money on the game for outfits only if you want that.And over that the game is free.That makes everything free in this game!

So,for the end,what do you think,is Apex Legends the best battle royal type game at moment or not?Tell me in the comments your impressions and ideas about the game!


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