UbOmBs_YT LV.4 Lurker
Feb 18, 2021, 01:29 AM 224 read

Predator Coach

I am an Apex Legends Coach I value my time for money so that people can get better at games and become more successful at what they want to do in their Gaming Career. I am a 5 time Apex predator and 3 time master i have 17 million damage total and a total of 3k wins and 61k kills with wraith along with 24 kills with octane on my main account. I do Coaching for $10 dollars an hour a teach character techniques gun techniques and rotation around the map such as when to push and when not to push Add my Instagram UbOmBs_YT and I will give you my PayPal Good luck and I will talk to you later ✌

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