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Outside the ring 101

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#indepht #ApexGuide [Structure: 1. Inventory management 2. Mobility outside the ring 3. Fighting outside the ring] So with the ring damage of the first two rings being nerfed there are a bunch of new opportunities for rotations as well as fights outside of the ring - but from my own experience I can tell there are so many errors you can do while outside of the ring so best make sure to be really well prepared. 1. Inventory management

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First up let’s take a look at inventory management. The earliest mistake you can do in the first moments after dropping is stacking up on shield cells while ignoring healing items. I get it. Inventory space is always valuable, so especially during the first circle, next to ammunition, I would usually take three stacks of shield cells and only one stack of syringes with me. However especially in the first few minutes of the game you dont need to concentrate that much on shield cells, especially since you’re shield level is not that high as well. On top the drop rate of cells is much higher than the one of syringes, and you’ll find enough in any death box anyway, so up to the third circle I’d say concentrate on syringes rather than cells. Your inventory could look like that. 1 stack of meds, 1 of batts, 8-12 syringes and 4 shield cells. Always remember to look after your teammates as well! You may not need all 12 syringes but your teammates probably will and if you have to waste important time reviving or even respawning your teammates then you’ll likely find yourself outside of ring #2 or #3 and that’s when things reallybecome ugly. You can survive outside the first and second ring, but I highly recommend minimizing your time outside of ring 3 as it hurts a ton more! 2. Mobility outside the ring

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As for legends suitable for outside the ring rotations there’s Wraith and Lifeline obviously, but also Loba. If you get contested early and cant finish the fight before the ring closes you’ll very likely not make it inside the first ring again before ring #2 starts closing, and you need to run to not get overtaken by the ring again (happens to almost every match) . Loba’s ultimate can be the most valuable blessing in that situation when your low on healing items and need to find some new ones quickly! 3. Fighting outside the ring

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Now let’s look at outside the ring engagements. Outside ring fights require a lot of awareness as you not only need to manage your shields but also your health. Generally if you decide to take a fight outside of the ring you should always make sure that you position yourself between the the edge of the ring and the opponent, so the opponents are forced into pushing you before being able to get inside the ring. This will give you plenty of opportunities to punish enemy push attempts - and if worse comes to worst you can always retreat back inside the ring and gatekeep from there.

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As for legends suitable for outside-the-ring fights you wanna look into two things: Legends that can slow down enemy movement as well as Legends that ignore enemy shields and reduce their health instantly. A top tier legend for that purpose is Caustic obviously. His noxious gas does not only slow enemies down, but it also reduces health while ignoring shields. Combine that with the already existing ring damage and you’ll have a squad wipe instantly. Bangalore/ Gibby with their attilery strikes can be a horror for anyone that tries to push you outside the ring, Wattsons fences reduce speed as well as shields which is always good! Some honorable mentions: Pathfinder, Octane, Horizon for swift and quick movement outside the ring. Gibby, as for enemies his shield will have the same color as the ring which makes it very hard to spot. Crypto’s drone/EMP can highlight enemies and the EMP can slow down, which makes it a decent tool for gatekeeping! Same as before his drone has the same color as the ring for enemies, which makes it almost impossible to spot! To wrap this thread up I’d once again like to point out the importance of general ring awareness, meaning to watch the map often to see how the ring moves and where it closes. If you drop somewhere at the outer POI’s of the map and you realize that the first ring is already closing miles away, literally at the other side of the map you should by no means waste unnecessary to with fights and priorize closing some distance before the ring starts closing. That said, I hope you learned "a t’ing or two" and also feel free to drop your opinion below! Do you like the nerfed ring, or do you hate it? Let us know your opinion!

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