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Dec 14, 2020, 06:40 AM 145 read

Revenant - The Program (3/5)

Apex Legends: General - Revenant - The Program (3/5)  image 1

(3/5) His name is Lowell, and he's sniveling about his kids. You'd roll your eyes, if you had eyes, because now you understand. They're just bags of blood and tissue. Goop, dressed in suits of skin. They're nothing. Like you were nothing. You dip a finger into the open wound on his leg, and run a finger along a tendon, like a bow on a violin string. He screams that he'll tell you. You lean in, his tears sparkling from the glow of your eye sockets. It was the cleanest kill, he blubbers. Just enter the mark's name in the program. Day later, they're dead. Completely untraceable. The perfect crime. You break his nose on the H on your handplate. And Hammond?! Lowell whimpers that they made the parts. That's all. You decide to teach Lowell a thing or two about parts… starting with delivering Lowell's to his kids personally... before moving on to Hammond Robotics... #ApexLore #LoadingScreenTrivia

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