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Dec 13, 2020, 09:44 AM 202 read

Revenant - Mirror Images (1/5)

Apex Legends: General - Revenant - Mirror Images (1/5) image 3

(1/5) Your first horrific thought is: where's my tongue? Never mind the piece of elevator in your neck, or the fact that you're not in any pain. Why don't you have a tongue? And that's when you see it. A blip at first. Like static in the air. A glitch. And within the glitch... a face. A new face. No. Not new. It's the face that chases you in your nightmares. The face that leaves you twisted in sweat-soaked sheets. Except this isn't a nightmare. It's a mirror. And that's not your nightmare. It's your reflection. This is the moment the program breaks down. When you realize what you are. And the next thought you have sends a bolt of ice down your spine that will stay with you forever: who gives a crap about not having a tongue, when you no longer have a mouth... #ApexLore #LoadingScreenTrivia

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