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Solo Q Legend Guide

Reminder this is for a ranked solo q environment. Also don’t get this mixed with fun because fun legends aren’t always viable. S+ TIER (basically must picks)- Wraith: You already know why she’s here. Small hit box easy maneuverability. Hardest thing in the whole kit is the portal. Basically a must have on every team even in pro play. Bloodhound: Also predictable . Scans provide useful information. And can get survey beacons. Lots of utility. S TIER(solid picks but not necessary in every comp) - Lifeline: Rez utility. The auto Rez is basically one of the most broken abilities because it puts the other team in a tough predicament because you either push and risk getting 2v3ed and at distance forget about it. Or you can back off and they get a free Rez at no cost. Heal drone is also useful but not the greatest. Gibraltar: Rez utility and survivability. This man is so chunky. Just remember you have a large hit box.He takes 15% less damage from all sources. Also he has a gun shield that blocks damage. He also has a great zoning ult and a great protective dome. The dome is what blocks him from s+ tier as it is what separates a good Gibraltar and a bad Gibraltar. Also he has a fast Rez so a solid all around choice. A TIER (solid picks)- Bangalore: Bangalore has lived her entire apex life here. She is good but never the best. Her ult is the BEST zoning ability in the game as the stun lasts for a stupid amount of time. Her smoke is ok but you have to be careful because you can fuck over your teammates if your not careful. Overall good though. Horizon: Good mobility. Ult is pretty weak but her tactical is really good as you get free vertical height. B TIER (I’m not mad but not happy)- Caustic: Wattson for noobs. He is more forgiving than Wattson but also gives less utility. He is generally better in solo q as here can also be very aggressive. All abilities are good and he’s also chunky so you know be careful. He is also fortified. Mirage: Mirage is good but I’m going to cut to the chase with him he is selfish like his character. He has one ability that directly helps the team that is his invisible Rez which is even just him covering his own ass so really no team utility. His ult while confusing will end with death. Bamboozles will sometimes work but they will almost never work twice. Revenant: Silence is good. Passive is ok. Ult is OP. But is best utilized in a full squad. C TIER (below avagerage)- Pathfinder: God this pains me but pathfinder especially this season is not for him. He has a refrigerator hit box with low profile so he takes more damage. If you hit him in the leg it will do as much damage as a body shot. His grapple is now inconsistent and now every recon characters have access to survey beacons. The only time you pick pathfinder is if you are a literal god with him and even then you have to come to terms that you are going to go down. It’s not maybe you WILL go down the best you can do is trade with pathfinder unless by some miracle they miss every shot. So he is basically a kamikaze. Octane: if your an octane main you play this game for fun. Octane is selfish. One team ability. And now it’s over shadowed because guess what there is a character that gets your ult on a 14 second cooldown. So the only thing that you can really do with octane is octane strafe but that requires a lot of practice to do well and most player won’t know how so he’s here. Wattson: She’s good. really good. So why’s she here. She has a very hard kit to master and requires a mic and comms. If you don’t have either don’t even bother. Most solo q teammates won’t have a mic anyways so it’s best to stay away unless you stacked. D TIER (would rather be playing a practice dummy)- Rampart: She seems good in theory but sucks in practice. Her ult scopes in and primes too slow. LMGs aren’t really meta and are a very small class of weapons. Ult is really bad in almost all situations. Crypto: Ok I know I know. NRG_AceuFan_555 is probably screaming “but ALGS. He is meta.” He is meta. IF you are really good with him and have a GOOD premade team. He has the highest skill cap of any character in the game because if you don’t play things just right guess who’s making their team 2v3. Loba: Do I even have to say it. Don’t look at her. Don’t play her. She has a movement ability that doesn’t work at all. Everytime I’ve seen a loba in ranked use her tactical ability it is followed by “beam that mf” her ult gives away position and you don’t get enough loot. Her passive is just bad. You’ll basically never use it. That’s it. That took a while. Love you all. Goodnight.

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  • Micah_Potato LV.21 Clearly Hacking Nov 28, 2020, 10:11 PM

    ah yes, a guide on how to make the crippling pain of solo q somewhat more bearable.