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Apex Legends - 3 Map Rotations on World’s Edge for Success #1

Apex Legends is a unique battle royale that comes loaded with an array of legends with different abilities to choose from! Because of how many legends there are it is important to know different combinations of them to use effectively! Especially combinations of legends who have abilities that work well with one another - sometimes even playing directly into one another! In this guide, we will be exploring 3 map rotations from the initial landing location on World’s Edge for success. The rotation will be a circular rotation that wraps in toward the center of the map to help place you and your teammates in a position to travel to the end-circle easily no matter where it ends.  

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  Skyhook For the initial landing location, we will be choosing Skyhook for many reasons! First and foremost because Skyhook is a less frequently landed location than the more desirable locations like Fragment and Sorting Factory. Because of this, it is very easy to secure a ton of high-tier loot if not leave fully kitted. Another great reason to land at Skyhook is that it sets you up easily to rotate inward toward the center of the map as it’s at one of the outermost corners! Another great part of Skyhook is the survey beacon that any recon legend can use to show your team where the next circle location will be! This is a great advantage to have as it will immediately help your team decide whether this rotation is a good idea or not! When looting Skyhook it is important to loot from the northernmost-point in a south-ward fashion eventually working your way into Drill Site.  

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  Drill Site Drill Site is a great rotation to hit when coming out of Skyhook because it provides two things: circular rotation further into the center of the map and a small number of buildings to loot to make it a quick pit-stop on your way to more important locations. Don’t take it lightly though as Drill Site can frequently be a hotspot for teams to rotate-through and you may find company! While looting this location try to loot in a south-east fashion to set you and your team up for an easier rotation! After searching through Drill Site to find more gear, ammo, and health-meds follow the gunfire and make your way to Train Yard!  

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    Train Yard Train Yard is an interesting location on World’s Edge because it is usually one of two ways: completely busy with enemy teams fighting the entire game or a complete ghost town - there is no in-between! If you manage to catch other teams in Train Yard before you enter, try to be sneaky and pick off a team just as they finish the other to make easy work of a fight and to make it even easier to accumulate loot! Passing through Train Yard can be dangerous, though, as it is a central location on the map that many enemies will be looking to rotate through so make sure to always listen for approaching enemies and keep your wits about you! When looting Train Yard it’s best to loot in an Eastward fashion so you and your teammates can be set up for an immediate rotation over the train tracks into Fragment West!  

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    Fragment West Fragment West is the final location for this rotation and for good reason - Fragment is the center of the map and the epicenter of where the action takes place on World’s Edge. Heading to Fragment is guaranteed to provide enemy teams who are chomping at the bit to fight - usually, ones which have fully kitted weapons and Red Evo shields so be cautious about which fights you want to take and don’t get caught out of position! While in Fragment it’s important to pay attention to the end circle in order to set your team up in a position for success. Survey beacons are the easiest way to accomplish this - if your team has a recon legend definitely utilize this to your team's full potential. As far as Fragment West goes - the skyscraper building, also called ‘big building’ is the optimal place to set up position for the end game as it has a respawn beacon on the rooftop and multiple floors to reposition on and confuse enemies. Be careful though - there are many ways for enemies to reach the top floor quickly and without much sound so always be on high alert when holding ‘big building’!  

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  Will you be using this rotation in your arsenal? What is one rotation you like to use? Did you learn anything from this guide? Comment down below!   If you enjoyed this post and would like to bookmark it to have it saved for another time - click/ tap the 3 dots in the top right corner and select ‘bookmark’ to have it archived!   ~Wxbber  

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