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Apex Legends - 3 Map Rotations on Olympus for Success #1

Have you ever found yourself on a team where you win your first landing location or loot the entire place freely only for you or your teammates to have no sense of where to go next? With proper map rotations - this doesn’t have to be the case anymore! Olympus is the brand new map in Season 7 of Apex Legends and it’s been something new for everyone to learn! So much so that Respawn even implemented a ‘No-kill practice mode’ to roam around the new map to learn it more easily. Because of this, the player base is still figuring out the optimal map-paths and rotations. This is where this post comes in handy! In this guide, we will be exploring 3 map rotations when dropping in Oasis to find success on the new map ‘Olympus’. This rotation will be circular in nature and will guide you and your team inward to have the best chance at easily reaching the end-circle - wherever it may end.  

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    Oasis Pack up your nice things, cool drinks, and beach towels because we’re headed to a sunny paradise… well, maybe we’ll just have to settle for an Oasis. Oasis will be our starting location for this guide and for great reason! Oasis lands you in an optimal part of the map because it is surrounded by other hotspot landing locations like Carrier, Docks, Turbine, and Elysium. What makes Oasis so great is the amount of loot it has in a compact location, how easy it is to rotate from to other locations, and the survey beacon it provides to aid in your team’s positioning more easily. For the sake of this guide, try to loot the Northern section of Oasis first and loot south-east to set yourself up for the rotation into Estates!  

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    Estates After fully looting Oasis and perhaps fighting off your first squad the optimal rotation is to head into Estates as it positions you and your team in a more central location of the map. Estates is a great location to loot because of the diversity of loot locations to choose from and the high tier loot you will find here. The best part about the new map, Olympus, is the quality of loot you will find around every corner. Kitting your guns and gear fully is no problem on this map! Estates is a fun location to spend some time with your teammates in not only to secure as much high tier loot as possible but because it is a hotspot for action, and a great location to set up for plenty of fights! Remember to loot in a south-east fashion to set your team up for the easiest rotation. The best part about Estates is how close it is to both Turbine and Hammond labs - two of the more frequently landed locations on Olympus! In this case, we’ll be headed to Hammond labs.  

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  Hammond Labs Once you’ve rotated out of Estates take your teammates directly east to start your rotation to Hammond Labs. Depending on enemy location and fights going on in nearby areas - choose with your teammates whether you would prefer to take the southern or northern route into Hammond Labs from Estates. Pushing in from the south will usually be safer as you’re further from Turbine. What this does is it sets your team up to push in a north-ward fashion through Hammond labs to scrounge death-boxes for heals and ammo before your final rotation into Turbine. After clearing Hammond Labs make sure to meet up at the survey beacon with your teammates to get one final scan for positioning.  

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    Turbine Turbine is the final location for this rotation because it sets your team up in the central-most location of the map. Even if the final circle hasn’t graced you and your teammates this match, you’ll be in an optimal location to jump tower once or twice to anywhere you need to go. When in Turbine it’s important to be wary of how many directions enemies can enter from. Enemies can come from Oasis, Carrier, Docks, Power Grid, Energy Depot, Estates, and Hammond Labs. Quite a long list - because of this make sure you and your teammates know exactly where you want to set up a more permanent residence as the circle closes more and more. This is where the survey beacon scan from Hammond Labs pays dividends! If the end circle ends up being in Turbine or near it, it will allow you and your teammates to have an upper hand on enemy teams that lack a recon legend.  

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  What do you think of this rotation for Season 7? What is one of your favorite rotations? Did you learn anything from this guide? Do you have any tips to add to this guide? Comment down below!   If you enjoyed this post and would like to bookmark it to have it saved for another time - click/ tap the 3 dots in the top right corner and select ‘bookmark’ to have it archived!   ~Wxbber  

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