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Apex Legends - Team Comp of the Week #1

In any Battle-Royale style game with ability-based characters, it’s always important to keep up with the strongest and most interesting comps to run! Knowing the ins and outs of your given team comp can give you and your teammates a significant advantage over teams with more ‘random selection’. Also using your ultimates and tactical abilities in coordination can create multiple different outcomes to use in team-fights! In this ‘Team Comp of the Week, we will be looking at how well Horizon, Bloodhound, and Wraith’s abilities synergize together as well as how their play-styles work together! If you use any of these legends regularly or would like to learn new comps to use more frequently - this is the post for you!  

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    Horizon Horizon is the new legend on the block that’s got the whole community going crazy! Her release is widely regarded as being one of, if not, the best legend-kits to be released. Her passive allows her to have no ‘landing-animation’ after jumping off of heights. This comes in handy when running from enemies after close-call situations or simply utilizing her built-in mobility even more. Try slide-jumping immediately after her landing animation boosts to gain even more speed! Her tactical ability creates a vortex that can be used in multiple applications! It can be used to block a doorway from being used, or it can be used to take high ground from an enemy. If you want to get to hard to reach places for the end-circle - this ability is perfect for just that! Her ultimate ability creates a black hole that pulls everything in the surrounding area toward it including cars, projectiles, throwables, and abilities. With a kit that has so much mobility built-in and the potential to outplay and displace opponents - one thing is for sure - Horizon has found a comfortable spot in the meta already. Because of her fast-paced kit and mobility, a more aggressive play-style fits Horizon well!  

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      Bloodhound   Bloodhound is everyone’s new favorite dog who learned a few tricks in Season 6. Since his rework he’s turned a complete 180 in his viability and now finds himself seated among the top legends in the meta. His tactical ability allows him to spot enemy footsteps and movements like open doors, climbs, open care packages and open loot boxes around the map. This is extremely useful to help lead your team directly to another team by just following their movements. Always remember to ping enemy movements to your teammates! Bloodhound’s tactical ability allows him to scan the surrounding area revealing the positions of enemies within his range. Always use his scan upon your initial land to gain an immediate upper hand on enemies who have landed with you! Sometimes this ability can be all your team needs when reaching the final squads to secure an easy victory! Bloodhound’s ultimate ability allows him to gain increased movement speed, spot enemies in highlighted red and scan more frequently! Use all of his abilities in conjunction to see the true power of Bloodhound unleashed! Because of Bloodhound’s abilities and worked in mobility with his ultimate a fast-paced play-style suits him best!  

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    Wraith Wraith has been the community’s favorite legend to play and just about everyone’s least favorite legend to come up against in a battle! This largely has to do with her incredibly small hitbox and strong kit. Her passive ability tells her when enemies have spotted her or are aiming at her which gives the user more time to react and find safety/cover. Her tactical ability allows her to enter the void gaining movement speed and becoming untargetable to enemies for a brief period of time. This is the bread and butter of Wraith’s kit and can be used to push up on an enemy team without being targetable or to get out of a bad situation more easily. Her ultimate creates a two-sided portal that can teleport teammates or enemies from one location to the other seamlessly! Wraith’s portal is the team-play of her kit and is what her synergy with others revolves around. Because of Wraith’s mobile kit and abilities that help her engage and escape -- an aggressive, push-heavy play-style suits her best.  

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      Together Horizon, Bloodhound, and Wraith all have one major theme in common - all of their kits are wired to be aggressive and push enemy teams as frequently as possible. Horizon’s ability has a low cooldown that allows her to scout and move easily with Wraith and Bloodhound as her teammates. One fun combo to use is the synergy between Horizon’s tactical ability and Wraith’s ultimate ability. Start Wraith’s portal once reaching the maximum height from Horizon’s vortex to create a portal that can only be entered from one side and will immediately displace anyone who enters it! Another fun combo to use with this comp is to use Bloodhound’s scan as a means to scout where enemies are in a given building while Wraith creates a portal going directly into where the enemies are. Right before entering the room where the enemies are, use your tactical ability to go invulnerable while you place the portal, waiting for Horizon to enter and immediately throw down her ultimate to displace everyone in the room. While the enemies are being sucked into the black hole, as Wraith, position toward the outside of the room to meet Bloodhound and Horizon to pick off the enemies being drawn to the ultimate. Utilizing plays like this will not only catch enemy teams completely off guard, it will also make your job much easier for you and your teammates.  

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  Which of these Legends do you enjoy playing? What comp do you run most frequently? Did you learn anything from this guide? Do you have any tips to add to this guide? Comment down below!   If you enjoyed this post and would like to bookmark it to have it saved for another time - click/ tap the 3 dots in the top right corner and select ‘bookmark’ to have it archived!   ~Wxbber  

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