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Apex Legends - Tips & Tricks Guide to Mirage

Today we will be exploring the intriguing story of how a pork-chop fought his way through thick and thin to get into the Apex-Games ….. You’ve been BAMBOOZLED! Today’s guide is all about Mirage who is easily the funniest and most likable legend to play, and least likable to play against on the battlefield. His kit comes equipped with an arsenal of solo-play abilities that aid in outplay potential in a 1 on 1 gun-fight situation! Even if you are not a fan of solo abilities and prefer team play - his voice lines and finishers will easily make up for what he lacks in team synergy. In this guide, we will take a more in-depth look at Mirage’s passive ability, tactical ability, and ultimate ability as well as his synergy with legends. If you’re just starting out playing Mirage or would just like to learn more about his kit and how he works with others - stay tuned!    

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  Passive Ability: ‘Now You See Me’ is Mirage’s passive ability that allows him to automatically cloak when using respawn beacons and reviving teammates. This ability was a significant turning point for his kit because it was the first resemblance of team-play he has ever seen! Being invisible while reviving teammates is an extremely powerful ability especially in the heat of end-game battles because an extra teammate can truly be the difference between a win and a loss. Reviving teammates while multiple gunfights are going on is the ideal invisible-revive situation because players are less likely to find where the revive sound is coming from while they are being fired at! When using this ability it’s important to try and find an area to revive your teammate that provides an immediate escape route - once you’re out of the invisibility you can be spotted by anyone so make sure to reposition to safety before healing!   *Tip - Make sure to release the control of any clones to remain as stealthy as possible when reviving!  

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    Tactical Ability: ‘Psyche Out’ is Mirage’s tactical ability that allows him to send out a holographic decoy to confuse the enemy. Press your corresponding key to control the decoy making it more difficult for enemies to figure out which Mirage is the real one! Though it is officially known as ‘Psyche Out’, the community knows it better as Mirage’s bamboozle because of how many times we have, well, been BAMBOOZLED! This ability is a great way to assess where enemies are while moving around corners. It’s a great idea to use your tactical ability to bait out enemy shots before committing to a new position. When using your tactical make sure to be crafty with how you control it! You can often act as though your scouting head-glitch positions or stairs only to bait out enemy shots revealing their position more easily!   *Tip - Use only one clone while scouting corners to make it harder for enemies to tell whether you’re a clone or not   *Another Tip - If you’re really trying to confuse the enemies while peaking corners - control your clone right as you turn around the corner to make it even harder for enemies to tell which Mirage is the real deal!  

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    Ultimate Ability: ‘Life of the Party’ is Mirage’s Ultimate ability that allows him to deploy a team of controllable decoys to distract enemies. This ability instantly spawns 5 mirage decoys from where he activates his ultimate. When running away from the ultimate spawn it will make his decoys come close together and then spread out. When running toward the spawn of the ultimate it will spread the decoys out further forcing the enemy to waste bullets through several clones before detecting the real you. Running away from the ultimate spawn is a great way to plan an escape while running toward your ultimate spawn is more versatile for taking a gun-fight head-on.   *Tip - Use Mirage’s ultimate while multiple teams are fighting to make it even more chaotic!   *Another tip - Using Mirage’s ultimate into a revive can be a great way to give you a better chance of picking your teammate up - especially if you spread your decoys out effectively!  

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    Synergy with Legends: Mirage is a difficult legend to play with because he’s simply a narcissist! His kit is all about him and how it can help himself, other than his invisible-revive which was only added to increase his viability because of this very problem. Because of his lack of team play, it’s really important to pair him with legends that provide lots of team-based abilities. Gibraltar is an excellent choice because of the team play his dome shield provides as well as his ultimate to displace enemy teams. Not only do his abilities aid in team play but his meat-shield-like player model and gun-shield are baked in team-helpers! Bangalore is a great choice to pair with Mirage for the synergy between her smoke and his ultimate or aiding with his invisible-revive. Lastly, Bloodhound is a great choice to synergize with Mirage for his scan’s ability to deter enemies while he sticks the invisible-revive.    

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  Did you learn anything from this guide? What are some of your favorite legends to play Mirage with? Do you have any tips to add to this guide? Comment down below!   If you enjoyed this post and would like to bookmark it to have it saved for another time - click/ tap the 3 dots in the top right corner and select ‘bookmark’ to have it archived!  

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