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Oct 19, 2020, 07:35 PM 90 read

Apex legend concept. Pilot Jack Cooper

I feel like a possible addition to the roster of Legends in apex legends could be Pilot Jack Cooper. This is because at the end of the TF2 campaign you meet Blisk and he gives you, Jack, an Apex card. I think that with the ending of the war, Jack might enlist to possibly get vengeance on Blisk for BT or join for reasons like Bangalore. Besides this another bit of evidence that Jack Cooper may join the Apex games is the data knife charm in apex is very similar to the Pilot knife you have that lets you hack into equipment that all Pilots were issued. Possible tacticals, passive and ultimates are, Tacticals- Smart Pistol, Pilot Knife, deployable explosive ticks. Passive- Pilot Helmet which can let you see dangers like bloodhounds tactical and passive, or something like Bangalore where it is based on his Pilot training. Ultimate- Smart pistol- 20round mag, 10 shots to down. Or once again something like Bangalore, lifeline, and Gibraltar, where he uses his connections in the military for a possible artillery strike.

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  • WolfMasterGaming5678 LV.22 Insomniac Oct 19, 2020, 07:39 PM

    Another thing I might add is his compatibility with other legends. He would most likely have a strong bond/connection with Lifeline and Bangalore from the war. He may possibly have a bond with Crypto or Wattson from his time with experimental tech, aka the ark machine, time travel, and BT. One of the Legends he may bond over time with is perhaps Wraith. This may happen because of their involvement in experiments, Wraith from being tested on and Jack from his time with Time travel.