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Apex Legends - Intermediate Guide to Positioning

Positioning has left its mark on Season 6 with the addition of Rampart, and the changes to Bloodhound and Crypto. What used to be an added bonus or an after-thought to your gameplay is now a necessity! In this guide, we will be going over jiggle-peaking, wall-peaking, and how to play position with legends abilities like Rampart, Gibraltar, and Lifeline - all of which are necessary to learn to take your gameplay to the next level! Let’s hop right into it!  

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  Jiggle-peaking Jiggle-peaking is performed when a player with a shotgun is holding cover against an approaching enemy. The player holding cover can time their corner peak by making micro-movements left and right to peak the corner as quickly as they can to get a shot off. When done correctly, this will result in the user firing their shotgun and receiving very little or no damage in return. Jiggle-peaking is an ideal strategy to be used by any shotgun-main and is best utilized in tight corner situations with cover. The upside of this technique is massive, but be careful - peaking a corner too hard will allow your enemy to get free shots off on you, so make sure to practice this strategy with friends to figure out how to use jiggle-peaking while showing as little of your legend as possible.  

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  Wall-peaking Wall-peaking is a technique that helps you and your team gain information on your enemy's position. It is performed by climbing a wall near the top and holding position before continuing your climb. This can be used in many different scenarios. If any enemy holds high ground on you and your team, you can climb up the side of the building, and peak at the top to see the enemy’s position before choosing to climb up. If they’ve spotted you, wall-peaking only shows your head so you still have a chance to make it back to safety to recalculate. If you see enemies in the distance, wall-peaking can be used to gather information to devise a game plan before you push the enemy. This positioning technique is useful for gathering information while remaining a hard target for enemies to hit. Use it carefully though, because even in a head-glitch, your enemies can still hit you, and headshots hurt!!  

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  Positioning around Rampart’s Ability With the addition of Rampart in Season 6, it became important to learn her tactical ability, how to utilize it for your team, and how to play against it most effectively. Rampart’s Q allows her to create an amped cover that increases outgoing damage and stops incoming damage. In short, this ability is a positioner’s dream! You can use her cover to punish enemies that are out of position with her minigun ultimate, or you can play around them and get free shots off on enemies that are pushing you. Her ability has a similar play style to peaking in and out of Gibraltar’s dome shield with one main difference - the damage. Make sure, when positioning with Rampart’s Q, to always have the blue facing you. This ensures that your enemy can’t fire shots off at you and that you can deal increases damage. If they push past her barrier, try to predict this by finding a more cover, whether that’s another rampart Q, or a structure.  

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  Positioning Around Gibraltar’s Dome Shield Gibraltar has one of the strongest abilities in all of Apex Legends with his dome shield. For those who prefer to play defensively and like to counter enemy pushes, try Gibraltar out for a spin! His Dome shield is a bubble that blocks all incoming and outgoing damage, creating a safe haven for teammates to heal or get away from the chaos of battle. The most common way to play around a Gb’s dome shield is to peak in and out of it to get free shots off on your opponents. This is performed in a similar manner to corner peaking, and jiggle-peaking can also be used! Position yourself at the very edge of the dome shield and look for incoming enemies. If they are far away enough, you can peak the shield to fire off a few free shots before returning to safety. If the enemies choose to push into your team’s bubble, you can swap positions with them, forcing them back out to trade with you, giving you the greatest chance at landing the first shots. Close ranged weapons are ideal for dome shield outplays!  

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  Positioning Around Lifeline’s Revive Lifeline’s new revive for Season 5 was what ushered in the beginning of the positioning-meta! By using her auto-revive, Lifeline places a shield that guards the reviving teammate from incoming gunfire, also blocking any outgoing shots. For the short revive duration, this shield acts as a one-sided dome-shield for you and a remaining teammate to play position around. Following the same logic as the dome-shield, you can peak enemies who are at a far enough distance, and you can swap positions with them to cause confusion and get easy shots off. Lifeline’s revive shield is a dream for players who are good with their positioning and thrive on a high risk, high reward playstyle!  

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  I hope this guide helped you diversify your positioning knowledge in Apex Legends! If you have anything to add or have any questions - please comment down below!   If you enjoyed this post and would like to bookmark it to have it saved for another time - click/ tap the 3 dots in the top right corner and select ‘bookmark’ to have it archived!   ~Wxbber  

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