AirialBot LV.21 Supersonic
Sep 2, 2020, 01:50 PM 38 read

New Legend

New apex legend girl Sniper concept, Has roughly the same look as Sparrow from black ops 3 ( just retro fitted to be more adapted for Apex/Titanfall). Passive ability: spotter/sniper scope. When using the spotter scope, it automatically shows the distance of objects and pings enemy’s after around a second of hard contact with them. It also doubles as an adjustable sniper scope that can be equipped to all snipers ( unable to use the spotter scope function during that time). Tactical: Hidden. For 10 seconds, This allows her to be invisible to digital threats, blood hound’s scan, and crypto’s drone. Takes around 30-45 seconds to recharge. Ultimate: Power rounds. She can equip any sniper rifle with 5 heavy duty piercing rounds that allow her to shoot through thinner metals and walls. Ineffective at around 300 meters, it looses its power and becomes a normal round. ( no extra damage to players).

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