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Aug 11, 2020, 02:17 PM 42 read

💥🔫🎮Looking for a new Duo Partner💥🔫🎮

💢My current Duo Partner is not a big fan of Apex anymore .. lately he only plays a few matches and then stops playing 😑😕 I play on the Xbox One (This won't matter when cross play comes out in the fall but until then or it might matter for the other games I mentioned at the bottom of this post but this post is mainly for apex as it's my favorite game) I'm looking to get to know you first through text before playing because I'm shy so I prefer getting to know you for a few weeks or maybe months, depending on how long it takes for me to feel comfortable enough to play with you. I need someone who isn't too shy because like I said I'm shy .. so 2 shy people is usually awkward in party chats. Someone who's talkative but not too talkative. I'm a streamer, not a big streamer but I'm a growing one. I don't put the party audio in my stream so if you're shy as well .. don't worry. I only play Duos on all battle royale games unless there's no duos on said game. I also don't play ranked. Hence why I'm looking for a "Duo Partner" On Apex I play any legend, especially if I'm doing daily/weekly challenges .. My current faves when I'm not doing challenges are Caustic, Wattson, Revenant and Loba. So I'm versatile .. you don't have to worry about me using your favorite legend or you using mine. 😝 I'm married so I don't want someone who's gonna flirt 🌈LGBT+ Friendly!🌈 I kinda prefer playing with females cause I need more female friends but I always have a hard time finding female gamers 😔💔 I normally play at night time, so I need myself a night owl like me. I usually play anytime after 11pm .. I live in California, so I'm on the Pacific time zone. I usually play all the way until 6am. So it'd be cool if I had someone who played for a long time as well. I don't play on the weekends cause I play games with my husband on the weekends I need someone who's good at being a teammate! I have a lot of pet peeves when it comes to playing battle royales with others .. 😅GET READY TO CHANGE YOUR MIND ABOUT PLAYING WITH ME😅 💣Be close to the team but not too close (I do need to breathe you know ... 😅) 💣When looting please go to a nearby building, I hate when people loot my building, my kill boxes and my death box (Only loot the things mentioned above when I'm done looting or if I can't get to it) 💣I don't like playing with SUPER ragers or daily rage quitters, I do rage as well but please nothing that'll scare me off and will most likely make me not wanna play with you anymore 💣Make sure you have a working mic, I don't like when people use the narrators (Especially since I'm a streamer, it usually scares my viewers away when people use the narrator too much) 💣Be between the age 18-34 💣Don't be too bossy, if I need help I'll ask for it 💣I'm not a super aggressive player, so I need someone who doesn't rush every fight. I need someone who knows when to back up from a fight. I'm more of a casual player, I like getting competitive sometimes and I'm also strategic other times 😱IF YOU READ ALL OF THAT AND YOU DIDN'T CHANGE YOUR MIND THEN YOU'RE A TROOPER!! HIT THE ADD BUTTON AND MESSAGE ME IF YOU'RE INTERESTED ON BEING MY DUO PARTNER😱 💥🔫The Games I Play💥🔫 🎮Apex (The main game I normally play) 🎮Overwatch 🎮Titanfall 2 🎮Bleeding Edge 🎮Warzone 🎮Realm Royale 🎮Cuisine Royale

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