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Aug 6, 2020, 08:13 PM 116 read

Tournament Time!

APEX TOURNEY #1 Do you think you and your squad can go toe to toe with the competition and take home the prize? Sign up today for the 1st CG Apex tournament! $15 a team, brackets are made up of 16 teams. Looking for PS4 players this time around! ‼️2nd place gets money back (15) ‼️ ⭐️ 1st place will receive $180 total AND 3 tubs of Reload Focus gaming energy! ⭐️ Rules are as followed: 🌀 A minimum of ONE Player on the team must stream the matches for confirmation or results 🌀 Fees MUST be paid off for via pay pal (for yours and our safety) 2 DAYS PRIOR 🌀If your team isn’t present within 15 minutes of your match, it is a DISQUALIFICATION 🌀 A team name will be needed 🌀1 sub is allowed but must be submitted before game day Match rules are as followed: ✳️ Teams will be made up of TWO players from your team and ONE player from the other team. ✳️ Points (kills) for the solo player will still be added up as YOUR teams scores. So if your of group of 2 has 2 kills, and the solo on the opposing team has 1, your team has 3 total kills. ✳️ Best of 3 matches Scoring is as followed 🔆 Your end score will be the total point across all 3 games 🔆 Each player will receive 1 point per kill until 3 kills are reached. Every kill after will be worth 2 points 🔆 Placement will be based off of the DUOS placement. So if the Duo finishes in 10th, but the solo finishes in 3rd, the final results will be 10th place. This reduces the solo camping for placement points. 🔆 You will receive 3 points for placing between 10th -6th , 5 points for placing between 5th - 2nd and 10 points for a 1st place finish! In order to submit your entry, 💥 You can message us on Instagram @clutchgodsgaming 💥 Any other questions feel free to comment for message us on Instagram! 💥 GOOD LUCK.

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