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Mar 4, 2020, 04:37 PM 40 read

Season 4: SBMM?

Like I’m no pro but what do be these stats? Season 1: No data Season 2: 0.76 , 4.54% (22 games, 2 Top 5s) Season 3: 1.8 , 8.19% (1,294 games, 365 Top 5s) Season 4: in progress... [0.85 , 3.65%, 82 games, 15 Top 5s] 65% chance to win each game not including team mates for this current season. Do the math if you think I’m liein’. Favorite Legend: Forge Current Legend: Revenant Main: Lifeline Support: Crypto Aggro: Octane/Pathfinder/Wraith/Bloodhound Misc: Bangalore/Watson/Caustic/Mirage/Gibraltar Looking for teammates by the way to play on Fridays 9pm or earlier/later. I play fortnite and I like play Warframe as well as R6, GTA, COD, and every other hype game that’s lit. *leave a comment below for any questions or comments*

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