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Jan 27, 2020, 10:01 PM 367 read

Why Do Legends Never Really Die? • Apex Lore & Theory

The Gaming Merchant has a lot of great content, and he’s got one of the YouTube channels that has grown significantly thanks to Apex and often being on top of the game with finding secrets and Easter eggs. So, I present a subject of #ApexLore that I’ve talked about here numerous times: Why do Legends seem to never really die? A lot of people have theories. I’m still unsure. Cloning seems possible, but unreliable. Simulation unlikely. In terms of the game itself, the version of things we play, not a lot is necessarily canon. But this theory from The Gaming Merchant? Seems the most solid that I’ve heard. — — — — — — — #TheGamingMerchant • Why Do Legends Never Really Die? My Theory for Apex Games Backstory in Apex Legends “Why do Legends never really die in Apex Legends. I share my own Apex Legends theory on how the Apex Games is actually like the WWE of the Outlands. Some interesting theories to share and discuss in this video.” Link: https://youtu.be/YYo9TNFuh8g

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