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theory thursday apex legends edition e2

New modes added to apex permanently?! so since they have a glitch in firing range where you can go into third person i thought that they could be coming out with a mode for it now they have the new event but i think that along with some other modes will come into the game permanently. here are my top picks for modes to be added and why third person we already went over this so... king's canyon night mode well if they come out with this it will be a map selection screen but we didnt think that they would go as far as making it have a time of day option as well a pve mode i dont have much on this as of rn solos and duos they have added these in before and they did really well so maybe... a custom matchmaking mode this would be great for people who want to have their own custom games where they can choose what they want it to have like infinite ammo keep inventory respawning/ no respawning random loot tables/ custom loot spawns which map you want time of day etc i hope you enjoyed please follow and like for more posts

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  • AntiPulse LV.20 Bamboozled Jan 10, 2020, 05:35 AM

    There a 3rd person mode now