Bang Goof Bang Goof LV.15 Gameboy
Dec 1, 2019, 07:07 PM 241 read

Bangalore: Passive=OP Smokes=HELL YEAH, OP Ult=WTF happened. Oh that's right... Nothing..

Is it just me or are her passive and smoke grenades OP AF and her Ult is like throwing a firecracker that's been bamboozled? I've yet to have an amazing thrown Ult or even seen a video of it from her... Now Big Boi Gibby... BEFORE they buffed him I've knocked 4 or 5 and killed at least 2... The girly version of Gibby needs an Ult buff imo... If you agree please upvote and or comment. If you disagree PLEASE comment cause I love using her but have yet to figure out how/where/when to use it OOORRRRRR... It does just suck...

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