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Oct 23, 2019, 11:56 AM 50 read

Is it official???

my clan idea got a surprisingly good amount of support, it hit featured for a little and I had a ton of dms!! Now that it’s official, I’m gonna need a little help around here because managing a(even if it’s semi serious) clan is not a thing I can do solo I want to have 4 mods/upper class members apart of the team but I’m not promising all 4 slots will be empty, i am considering some close friends but I haven’t even brought the idea up to them so currently it’s pretty high in the air, anyways I was thinking a sorta interview type of thing just over moot chat for now In order to get to try for a mod position you have to have certain requirements and of course, know what your doing, I don’t want someone who’s level 20 and doesn’t keep up with apex updates, or someone who hasn’t had any managing/moderating experience come and try to run the whole thing. I need people who are good with people, patient, knowledgeable on the game, and who can actually help out. They also of course need to be decent at the game, it may seem high standard but I’m pretty lose about these requirements and can always talk something out because I don’t want to be the type to leave people out, of course if this turns into a bigger thing I’ll get more professional and strict but till then I shouldn’t have to worry If your willing to answer a couple questions and you fit the criteria, think about being a part of this-VoiD MoXus💜

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