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Sep 10, 2019, 06:29 AM 6,664 read

WINNERS! Guess The Damage: Apex Legends

Good afternoon, Damage Guessers! Thank you so much for your patience as we sorted through everyone’s submissions. We are now finally prepared to announce the winners!   We’re incredibly excited to announce TWO different users both guessed the EXACT correct amount of damage dealt! We used the tiebreaker (time of entry) to determine which of them will take home the grand prize.   Here are your Apex Legends Guess the Damage Event winners!   1st place: KO – 1332 (Exactly correct!) 2nd place: Lol – 1332 (Exactly correct!) 3rd place: ThePhoenixE – 1334 (2 damage off!) 4th place: Brodino345 – 1335 (3 damage off!) 5th place: Ayce18 – 1337 (5 damage off!)   There was another user who also submitted a guess that was only 5 damage off, but their submission came in a few hours later than Ayce18’s so they will have to settle for 6th place. At the bottom of this post, you can see the end of match screenshot showing total damage, plus an image showing submission timestamps for the 2 tiebreaker cases above.   WINNERS: We will be contacting you via Direct Message here on Moot shortly!   Finally, everyone who entered will receive 500 Moot Coins for participating. These will be added to your accounts before the end of the week!   Thank you again for participating and please stay tuned for more future events!

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