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Jun 19, 2019, 09:13 PM 695 read


A New Addition to Apex legends as they contain value-able loot boxes that could change your game! 1.What they do Flyers hold Loot boxes that can be a common to gold rarity and the names on your friends list are the names of The Who the death boxes belong to. 2. Interacting with Flyers You can ping, shoot, and grapple flyers. When shot at or a player is close to, flyers do a animation that suggests that they are scared and start flying away, then eventually they fly into the clouds never to be seen again. They have around 252 health to kill total but there is an easier way to get loot boxes without killing them! Just shoot them once to make them scared and then shoot them a little after the first shot to make them drop it! 3.other things Flyers spawn all around the map and in multiple groups consisting from about 1-3! I suggest that you don’t go for them right away just to see if another team shoots it down and then go fight them. Be careful if you want to get the death boxes because you might accidentally scare them. 4. Conclusion Flyers are a New but welcomed addition to apex that might change up your gameplay strategies and loot you might need to win the game.

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