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Apoxlite’s Quick n’ easy Apex Legends Guide: Landing

Welcome to the second part of Apoxlite’s quick n’ easy guide! I will be focusing on how to move around while landing and the best spots for different play styles. Let’s get straight to the point! MOVEMENT WHILE LANDING You may think landing in Apex is similar to fortnite but it’s actually not, once your team has picked their characters you will appear on a ship. The third person who has picked their character will be the jump master, if they are afk the role will pass onto the person that picked second. If you are the jump master you have to press E or square in PS4 to jump out of the ship, your two teammates will follow you to your sides. If you look to the left of your screen you can see a speed meter, to the right there is an altitude meter with the ship, ground and sea level marked. If you aren’t the jump master you will follow the jump master but you can de-attach from them by holding square on PS4 or hold F on PC (recommended to de-attach at 200 m in altitude) To move you press W or you move the left joystick up, your character will move in whichever direction you are looking. The lower you look, the more you will go down and more speed you will gain. Looking in front of you will move you forwards but you will decrease your speed. To get somewhere far and land the quickest you can use the wave-drop technique. Here’s an image of how to do it correctly.

With this technique you can travel 1000m. If your drop spot is less than 700 m away you can just go straight down to it. LANDING SPOTS If you land anywhere around the edge of the map you will be alone except for 1 or 2 squads near you. Artillery, airbase and water treatment are more probable to have around 3-5 squads. Landing in the center of the map will usually mean more people and more kills (or chances to be killed). Every match there is a loot ship that goes to a destination and stays there, dropping to it while it’s still flying to its destination will usually result in your death or a lot of good loot early in the game. There is a hotspot every match marked with a blue ray of light and a blue circle on your map that contains purple rarity loot and a chance to get a golden weapon (more explained in the loot guide). This area contains 5-6 squads and tryhards. Every match places will be marked as mid-tier loot, high tier loot or normal loot. When you enter an area with a name a text on the top left of your screen will appear displaying the name of the area and it’s loot. Here’s a map by apexmap.io (very helpful website) about the loot tiers in every place on the map. Purple - high tier loot Blue - mid tier loot Grey - low tier loot

And this marks the end of the second part of Apoxlite’s quick n’ easy guide. Hope this helped!

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