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Apoxlite's Quick n' easy Apex Legends Guide: Characters

Welcome to Apoxlite's Quick n' easy Apex Legends Guide! Let's get straight to the point.

Passive: You can see recent tracks of an enemy and point it out to your teammates pinging it. Tactical: See through walls and highlight where enemies are, this gives away your location with an orange ring around you. Ultimate: You can see the enemy's footsteps, enemies are highlighted in red, you move faster and you can see through smoke.

Passive: When you aim you have a blue shield in front of you that protects you from some damage, very visible and can be toggled of by aiming and pressing down arrow or the H key. Tactical: You throw down an indestructible dome that lasts some time and can't be shot through the inside or outside but players can go through it. Ultimate: You get to throw down a beacon, one second after impact the area around the beacon will be bombarded by artillery.

Passive: Faster self-healing and when you are reviving a downed teammate an indestructible shield will appear in front of you. You also revive teammates faster. Tactical: You leave down a drone that heals anybody (even enemies) around it, the more people are connected to the drone, the more health will be distributed between them. The drone eventually disappears. Ultimate: Call in a care package that comes down rapidly containing anything but weapons. Usually contains purple rarity loot.

Passive: All around the map there are survey beacons that you can scan to reveal the next area, this will show up as a green circle on your map. Tactical: You grapple to anything and go to it, for more advanced grappling check out other tutorials. You can also grapple to enemies and bring them to you (risky play with no shotgun). Ultimate: Shoot out a zip line from where you are standing to where you currently are, anybody can use this zip line.

OCTANE (Season 1 character) Passive: Automatically regenerates health, slowly. Tactical: Go faster at a cost of 10% of your health. 2 second cooldown. Ultimate: Put down a jump pad and go flying in the direction you were going when you stepped on it.

Passive: When enemies are aiming at you a voice will tell you, press down arrow or H to warn your teammates. Tactical: Become invincible and invisible (though you leave a purple trail behind) for some time, enemies disappear, you are slightly faster, you can't shoot or heal and you can't interact with doors, octane's jump pad or lifeline's drone. Ultimate: You become faster, an energy meter is shown on screen that depletes when you move and when it runs out you create two portals where you started and where you currently are. Anyone can go through the portals.

Passive: When you are getting shot at you go faster. Tactical: You shoot three smoke grenades with a launcher, you get three shots that recharge over time. Ultimate: Call down artillery that first lands, then explodes in order of impact.

Passive: See through nox gas (caustic's gas) Tactical: You can set down gas traps that activate on proximity and slowly deal damage (ignores shield). You can only have 3 traps on Caustic, they recharge over time. Ultimate: Throw a grenade that expands in an area of nox gas.

Passive: When you get downed you become invisible (you can still be seen a little bit) and create a mirage clone that laughs at the enemy. Tactical: You create a mirage clone that mimics the action you were doing when you activated the ability (running, walking, crouching). The clone can't go on zip lines or jump on octane's jump pad. When the clone walks into a wall it disappears or stays still. Ultimate: Create 8 mirage clones that walk a short distance and stay still, you become invisible (you can still be seen slightly), you run faster and you can't shoot or heal even when getting shot.

And this is the end of the first Apoxlite's Quick n' easy Apex Legends Guide. Hope this helped!

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