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Legend Guide #9: Octane

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-----------------------Basic Info---------------------------   1. Passive (Swift Mend): Automatically restores health over time.   Octane’s passive restores health at a rate of 1 health per 2 seconds. It stops working while you’re in combat or while you’re under the effect of your tactical ability.   2. Tactical (Stim): Move 30% faster for six seconds. Costs health to use.   At the cost of 10 health, Octane moves 30% faster for six seconds. This ability has an extremely low cooldown of 2 seconds, meaning that you can use it basically nonstop. If you have less than ten health you can still use your tactical and it will not kill you.   3. Ultimate (Launch Pad): Deploy a jump pad that catapults teammates through the air.   Anybody can use the jump pad, both teammates and enemies. If you hold jump right when you step on the jump pad, you can jump even higher and farther.   ---------------------Tips for playing Octane---------------------   1. When to use your tactical   We all know that getting a gun early is critical for success. You should use your tactical as soon as you land so that you can loot faster and be the first one to a gun. When fighting, your tactical can give you a great opportunity to flank an enemy while your team engages, allowing you to surprise the enemy from behind them. Likewise it allows you to constantly reposition in fights so you can hit enemies from angles they don’t expect.   2. When not to use your tactical   As fun as it is to sprint all around the map, you should never use your tactical without purpose. The 10 health per use really does add up and you generally don’t want to be using it several times in a row. It’s important to remember that teamwork is the key to success in Apex and if you’re running out ahead of your team it’s very likely that somebody gets caught out in a 3v1 or 3v2 which can cost you the game. For the same reason it’s also important not to use it to rush into a fight before your teammates can assist you. This is why it’s important not to use your tactical simply because you can. While your tactical is a fantastic and powerful ability, it can easily get you killed if used unwisely.   3. Using your ultimate   Your ultimate is a good tool for running away and a great tool for attacking. A jump pad can be used to quickly close the distance and surprise enemies or to quickly access hard to reach places that give you an advantage. Your ultimate gives your team great advantages in fights because it allows you to engage enemies by jumping behind them or taking the high ground. Although its long-range jump engage may seem similar to a redeploy balloon, Octane’s ultimate is much better because it allows you to keep your gun out and shoot while you're jumping and landing.   4. Understanding your passive   Your passive does not heal you for a lot, 1 health every 2 seconds means that it would take you about 3 minutes to fully heal using your passive. This means that you shouldn’t rely on your passive to heal you for more than 1 or 2 uses of the tactical. If you plan to use your tactical more than twice in a row, you should plan on using a syringe or med kit afterwards, because 30 health can be very significant in a fight. Remember, a syringe heals you for 25 health which is roughly equal to 3 uses of Octane’s tactical. It’s also important to remember that your passive will not work while in combat, while under the effect of your tactical, or while in the storm. For this reason it’s very important to be careful when using your tactical in the storm or in Caustic gas as they all deal damage directly to your health and your passive will not heal you.   #Guide #Octane  

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