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Apex Legends: B.R. Done Right

Respawn has released the masterpiece of a battle royale, named Apex Legends, taking place and inspiration from the Titanfall universe that Respawn is famous for. Hi, I'm Xaz, and here is my review/guide on Apex Legends. 1. Fun Gameplay Compared to Fortnite's state of soccer skins, Apex is quite a blast when playing with friends. Cooperate in a 3 man squad with a small selection of heroes in order to become the Apex Champion. Pretty straightforward. It is very cool when the game begins, and you are Jumpmaster. The Jumpmaster, well, jumps out of the ship to guide his/her team to a destination of choice. Or you can sabotage your team by throwing them in the water like I did once, lol. 2. Guns Apex features a variety of guns, from the devastating Spitfire to the "why do I exist" Mozambique. Of course, these can be heavily modified with the help of attachments found around the map and supply drops. Sights, barrel stabilizers, shotgun bolts, and way more, I suggest finding an in-depth guide as to what each do. Additionally, two exclusive weapons that exist are only exclusive from supply drops, the all-mighty Mastiff shotgun and the legendary Kraber sniper. 3. Armor Up! In such a hectic game like this Battle Royake, you can have the best loadout but still die with no protection. Armor can be found from floor loot and supply drops. There are Body Armor, increasing your health, Helmets to reduce headshot damage, Knockdown shields, to use when you are, of course, knocked, and Backpack to carry more loot. Even Legendary variants can be found, and even with unique abilities. Legendary Armor - Finishers fully replenish shield Legendary Helmet - Reduces time to charge Ultimate Legendary Backpack - Heal faster Legendary KD. Shield - Self revive that can be only used once 4. Selection of Characters Much like Overwatch, Heroes with different abilities are in the game, I may make a guide on each one, let me know please! Anyways, about the heroes, each has a very distinct playstyle. Wanna camp in a house in the last circle with a Hero that'll ensure you win? Play Caustic with his deadly gas traps. Play Mercy in Overwatch? Try Lifeline with her quick revive and faster heal. Loved the Stim and Grapple abilities in Titanfall 2? Well they are back! In the form of Octane and Pathfinder Speaking of Octane, 3 Heroes are locked and must be bought with the Apex Tokens, I think they're called that. These Heroes are,.of course, Octane, Mirage, and Caustic. Every level grants a free 600 Tokens, and 1 Hero costs 12k. This means you can buy your first Hero at Lv. 23! So, my opinion on Apex is that if you are a fan of the Titanfall series, this is a must-play. Even if you aren't the biggest fan of Battle Royale, this probably will change your mind. Thanks for reading my review/guide! If you are looking for future guides on games and more, then what are you waiting for? FOLLOW ME! Kidding, I'm not forcing you, but that would be great :)

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