How many wins have u made today?Me 4😃

LV.3 Mirage Main 3m

Hey guys. Come join the fun and chat with Me!

Watch Lordmoldybong with me on Twitch!

LV.2 Lurker 12m

I am confusion

A Lvl 3 player with 13 kills???

LV.14 Clearly Hacking 5h

Alternate Firing Modes??

When you look at the weapon UI, have you ever noticed a button to the left of its firing type indicator?
With most weapons you won't see this but there are 3 weapons where you will see this alternate firing mode.
You can switch its firing mode from SINGLE to AUTO, and vice versa.
You will see single and auto firing modes with the following guns.
1) R-301 Carbine
2) VK-47 Flatline
3) Hemlok burst AR

LV.21 Genius 9h

Got it! 🔪🔥

LV.3 Lurker 15h


What's our main?Main is Mirrage

LV.3 Mirage Main 1d

Apex is losing its satisfaction

I was really hot on Apex when it first came out but now I'm just kinda burnt out on it. Even though the game's still fun I just don't see myself really putting as much time into it anymore. The only things worth grinding for are the seasonal badges and those require you to play way too much for the time I have. I just wish Apex found a way to have some fun challenges or a way to spice up the game for people who play regularly because its starting to lose its satisfaction for me.

LV.19 Sage 1d


I've got all locked characters oct, cos, and mir get better noobs

LV.2 Lurker 1d

What are the 2 worst guns in the game?

I need to know

LV.4 Rare Candy 1d

Eventually got it 🔥

LV.13 Try Hard 1d

Apex VS Fortnite

What is played the most apex or fortnite write in the comments

LV.2 Lurker 1d

Do NOT loot boxes in the middle of a battle!!!😡

I REPEAT, DO NOT DO THIS! This just happened to my teammate while i was down. While we fighting a team i get knocked and try to hide but then we 3rd partied by another squad so i tell my teammates we are getting 'pinched', so im still hiding but i see my teammate not moving. Im thinking "oh, he might be trying yo heal up", but no, he is actually looting a box!!! Then he gets downed and says, " Oh, i got mowed down!" And im just SMH!

LV.10 Bamboozled 2d

Anyone else?

Anyone else always go off one game then do bad the next couple and then go off and then it keeps happening again and again! Like I feel like my life is being a layer around with!!!!😔

LV.14 Clearly Hacking 2d

Apex time!

So i used to play this, stopped playing because all my friends didn't like it, so i never really played, but now ive decided to coem back! Forgot everything though, so if you guys have any tips or guides for me, like what guns to pick, even before, i wasnt sure which guns were good, just comment those tips below, thanks! See you on the battlefield!

LV.19 Champion 2d

Retarded teammates on apex

I’m so close to deleting this game I’m not sure if it’s just me running into this problem but every time i join into a match I get put in with the worst teammates every single time like they

1.don’t ping they hardly every shoot
2. They loot boxes when you need revived
3. No communication.

Let me know if you have the same problem oh and I’m always looking to play with new people


LV.4 Lurker 2d

POPULAR Using "Streamer Mode" can give you a competitive advantage

In the gameplay settings you may have noticed something called "Streamer Mode." If you set it to "All" then it changes all usernames in the game (except for your team) to the name of the legend. This means that in the kill feed for example, instead of seeing usernames you'll see something like this: Octane3215 killed Bangalore2151. The reason why this can give you an advantage is that it lets you know precisely which legends you can expect to face before you fight which, as we'll see, can lead to some huge benefits.
For example, let's say that you're going to 3rd party a fight and you've been watching the kill feed. You can see that the Wraith on 1 team is downed and the Bloodhound and Caustic on the other team are downed. You can see that Lifeline was the one who downed Caustic. This gives you so much information going into the fight. You know that Team A has a 2v1 scenario and you know that they can revive their downed teammate very quickly with the Lifeline. You would never know any of this information if you didn't have streamer mode on because you would never see which legends are being played, you would only see the usernames instead.
Here's another scenario where it can play a big role. Let's say you think you're going to 3rd party a team. You're running to the fight but because you have streamer mode on you realize that there's 3 different Bangalore's in the kill feed. This lets you know that what you thought was going to be 3 teams is actually going to be 4. You can now use this information to decide whether you want to fight it as a 4th man, wait for them to kill each other off first, or see if more teams show up. Rather than simply running into a situation you're not prepared for, you can now approach it in the most ideal way possible.
As you can see, there's some pretty clear advantages to using streamer mode. Personally I like seeing people's usernames cause they make me laugh, but when my squad is really trying to play competitively, we turn on streamer mode because it can definitely make a difference.

LV.21 S 2d

Favorite gun/inventory set up?

LV.9 Nintendo 64 2d

Xbox servers

Did anyone else just get kicked? My whole team just did

LV.3 Lurker 2d


Is it me or anyone eles think Apex needs a update or some free stuff, like a battle pass, cuz fortnite is still runnin and gunnin

LV.8 Bandit 3d

Who would you choose?

If you could only play 1 of the 9 legends for the rest of the time you play the game, who would you choose?

LV.4 Lurker 3d

Is Bloodhound Male or Female?

LV.3 Lurker 3d

Wingman is still good I guess

Here's what happened, I landed relay looted the first building and found a golden loot tick and I was lucky enough to find a gold wingman, which is what I used for the remainder of the game

LV.3 Lurker 3d



LV.4 Lurker 3d

I'm happy

I'm happy that apex doesn't have alot of streamers because there are way too many try hards on fortnite Wich is one of the 💯 reasons I quit fortnite. I'm happy apex will not become like that, I hope

LV.3 Lurker 3d

🤔 Inlarge the post with one of your fingers

- load into game
- choosing your legend last/you’re jump master
- move cursor over Pathfinder; you only have 2 more kills before you’re at an even 50 and you just got a really cool skin
- 1st squadmate hovers over Pathfinder
- heartrateincreases.jpeg
- 1st squadmate sees you want Pathfinder and moves cursor over to Bloodhound
- 2nd squadmate does the same only with Wraith
- you select Pathfinder and they both compliment your new skin
- feelsgoodman
- game loads, turns out your squad were champions last match
- everybody in the match sees your banner and new skin
- basically a proud dad
- you give Wraith jumpmaster; you just don’t have the hang of it yet
- Wraith pings Skulltown
- Vietnam flashbacks of dropping into Skulltown countless times and getting slapped immediately
- Hastily ping someplace safer like HydroDam
- “okay” and Wraith drops there
- seems too good to be true
- first building has gold Peacemaker and Purple armor
- gets first blood
- you’ve never felt more excited in a match
- your squad mates cheer you on
- suddenly you’re back in the drop ship
- #ohfuck #itwasalladream
- Jumpmaster drops
- He pings Bunker
- Jesus Chris it’s Caustic
- fuckfuckfuck
- ping Market, ping Swamp, ping god damn Bridges, anywhere but Bunker
- “no”
- you try to separate from Caustic, but it’s too late
- you get knocked by a Mozambique, alone and shivering
- enemy Octane executes you
- Quit to dashboard and load up Minecraft
- #hidethepainbyplantingwheat
- Caustic followed you into Minecraft
- locks you in food storage room
- blocks door with gas trap

LV.11 Champion 3d

Apex Legends Stream Views Drop 75% in a Month

This time a couple months ago Apex Legends was on top of the world. The streaming world, that is. But over the course of March and the first half of April, Apex Legends experienced a sharp decline in Twitch viewership. In comparison, Fortnite remained steady during that same period of time. It is hard to understand why Apex Legends hasn’t maintained viewership, but it could be due to a lack of new content in the game. What streams are you watching these days?
For the full story click here:
And to check out the rest of The Daily Moot click below:

verified Admin 3d


Does anybody know how to refresh your stats on here? Mine arent accurate

LV.5 Lurker 3d

Is the gold Havoc the best gold gun now?

Now that the gold Havoc has a turbocharger instead of select fire it makes the gold Havoc extremely good. I think it's probably tied with the gold Prowler for the best golden gun. One disadvantage though is that you're way less likely to come across energy ammo than you are heavy ammo so you might struggle for ammo all game with the Havoc.

LV.21 S 3d

Hell yeah first win let’s go

LV.8 Try Hard 3d

APEX Quick guide - 13. FINISHER

Finishers in Apex Legneds are so very satisfying. You have to stand still and make yourself completely vulnerable for awhile. It's a risk we take but the reward makes it so worth while.
Executing an enemy is not that complicated as long as you do it right under right circumstances. First you need to bring your enemy's hit points to zero and knock him down to perform a finisher on them. Remember your enemy can still crawl around and open and close doors.
To speed up the elimination process, walk up to your knocked down enemy and you will see a notification appear on your HUD to hit your interact key to perform an Execution.
Hit this key and you will see a mini cutscene of the execution for few seconds.
When you perform an execution, you gotta remember few things.
Execution is takes sometime. It doesn't finish as quickly as you'd like it to.
And once it starts, you cannot back out of it . and if an enemy spots you and sneaks up on you while you're doing this, you are completely vulnerable to an attack.
When you are attacked, you will be brought back out of the execution animation and the finisher will be cancelled.
There's one thing worth mentioning about why you want to perform finishers.
IF you happen to be wearing the Legendary Gold Body Shield, upon completing an execution on a downed enemy, all your Shields are automatically filled. However, you still should not try to finish an enemy while you are still in danger. However under the right circumstances, it could give you and your squad a huge advantage.
All characters in Apex have access to 3 unique execution animations. And even if you haven't unlocked all of them, you can still view all 3 execution styles from the Main Menu under Legends>Finishers. If you just begun playing Apex, you will only have access to 1 finisher per character. As you play and earn and open loot boxes, you'll unlock more finishers for the different characters.

LV.21 Genius 3d