Should solos stay?

Do you guys think solos should stay in Apex?

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Need Comp Players

Hello guys and good morning I’m hosting tryouts for my organization SAKnights we are a organization partnership with HEB and San Antonio Spurs we need the best of the best

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Potential ults?

What potential ults or capabilities would you like to see?
I'll start the ball rolling with a few of my own.
1. I'd like a wraith like portal that you could throw at a wall to make a new breach point
2. The ability to destroy zip line stations
3. Special grenades able to travel through wraith portals
4. Perks that you can pick up similar to ultimate accelerant but giving you another mains ability for a short time

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Apex livestream

Watch bigffuzzddooma with me on Twitch!

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Fast pace

Such a good game, love it!

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When you carry a random to a win


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Super Clutch with the Octrain #champion's #apexlegends

Watch "Apex Legends_Clutch" on YouTube

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Evening play with the crew (some of the. Anyway)

Watch Bobstahr with me on Twitch!

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Well well well

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If you struggle to have friends to play your games with and are tired of getting placed in games with random people that you have no communication with XGN just might be the right place for you. We are a large gaming community and consider each other a second family. We have so many members that play so many games the only things we ask is that you are 15+ you have a mic and 1000+ gamerscore if you play Xbox hmu for more details 👍🏻

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Live Apex

Watch "On The Road To 2.k Kills Gibraltar" on YouTube

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What are your opinions on the Iron Crown LTM?

Comment below and start the conversation!

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With some buddies some chillplays

Watch Bobstahr with me on Twitch!

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I've invited you to join me on Moot - Your Source for LFG & Gaming Discussion!


How are y’all liking solos so far?

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Visionner « Apex Season 2 Meme Trailer » sur YouTube

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So apperently we complained as a community enough that respawn is responding and as of Tuesday, for the remainder of the week all legends will rotate through the item shop so you can purchase the particular legend you want!!!!!! Here comes pathfinder!!!!

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I have one of the most game changing question about apek leg end

I just wanna know u guys' opinion because this gun is getting so out of hand because it's so powerful u don't even see ur fking health bar drop

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How should respawn structure the reward system for events?
I personally think it should be either kills woth a weapon for its skin or directly buying the skins like in the hunt event

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Event loot boxes

What are yalls opinions on the new loot boxes

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How many matches did yall play before your first kill.

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What is life

I have played 21 games in apex. 0 kills :]

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Apex issues

So.. Since about 4:00pm today I've been unable to "connect to EA servers" and or if I do, unable to ready in the lobby. Problems with joining invites, sending them and ready-ing in a squad. An I the only one??? NA-Dallas.

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new solo glitches are breaking the game in apex

me and my friends found ways to play "solos" as a squad if you start a ranked league game then have all your friends ready up then quickly switch it to solos you'll be put in the game as a squad

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UPDATE! Crypto next legend?

More info on a possible upcoming legend “Crypto”

His possible abilities have been leaked as follows:
•Tactical: Aerial Drone - Surveillance camera drone, lasts for 40 seconds, 200 meter range. Can be destroyed. Can hack doors, loot bins and pick up banners with drone.
•Passive: Neuro Link - Crypto and teammates see what surveillance drone detect up to 30 meters away.
•Ultimate: Weapon Drone EMP - Charge up an EMP blast from your drone. Deals shield damage, slows enemies and disables all traps.

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Secret pathfinder update (must see)

As you all know pathfinders ledgendary skin used to be so fat and beefy that nobody would use it because the hit box glitch but they patched it and made the legendary skins more to the hit box that’s there this is a great update for all the pathfinder mains like myself and i bet y’all didn’t even notice

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Iron Crown Event Update

Amid controversy surrounding the Iron Crown Event, Respawn has made a public statement apologizing for the poor monetization tactics and promising to remedy the situation. Here's their full, unedited statement on the issue:
"Hey everyone,
At launch we made a promise to players that we intend to do monetization in a way that felt fair and provided choice to players on how they spent their money and time. A core decision during development of Apex Legends was that we wanted to make a world class battle royale game - in quality, depth, progression, and important for today’s conversation - how we sell stuff. With the Iron Crown event we missed the mark when we broke our promise by making Apex Packs the only way to get what many consider to be the coolest skins we’ve released.
We’ve heard you and have spent a lot of time this week discussing the feedback and how we structure events in the future, as well as changes that we will make to Iron Crown. To get right into it, here are the changes we are making:
Starting on 8/20, we’ll be adding and rotating all twelve of the event-exclusive Legendary items into the store over the course of the final week of the event for the regular Legendary skin cost of 1,800 Apex Coins. You will still be able to purchase Iron Crown Apex Packs for 700 Apex Coins if you choose. The store schedule for the week will be as follows:
For future collection events, we will provide more ways to obtain items than just buying Apex Packs.
A couple other things I would like to address:
We need to be better at letting our players know what to expect from the various event structures in Apex Legends. Over the last six months we’ve been learning a lot about operating a live service free-to-play game, and one of the take-aways from this week (beyond what was mentioned above) is that our messaging for expectations needs to be clearer. This is a different event structure than the Legendary Hunt from Season 1, and it will be different from planned future upcoming events. We’re learning more each day on what works, what doesn’t, and how to provide the best possible experiences and content to all of you.
With Apex Legends it is very important to us that we don’t sell a competitive advantage. Our goal has not been to squeeze every last dime out of our players, and we have structured the game so that all players benefit from those who choose to spend money - events like Legendary Hunt or Iron Crown exist so that we can continue to invest in creating more free content for all players. This week has been a huge learning experience for us and we’re taking the lessons forward to continue bringing the best possible experience to all of you.
Thanks again for being a part of the Apex Legends community, we look forward to continuing to release awesome new stuff for everyone to enjoy!"

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Live now!!!!(twitch)

Grinding for that 20 bomb, let’s get it

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Why do randoms always take your shit

I’m so tired of randoms taking my main, my guns, my heals, and my fucking kills like bruh get better and stop feigning off my shit

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