POPULAR As summer draws to a close, it’s time for one last Apex pool party!

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POPULAR Everyone's guilty of this


POPULAR Captions plz

Caption this:

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POPULAR Best sniper???

In your opinion, what is the best sniper?

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POPULAR Popular memes of the week (08/18/2019)

Here are the funniest Apex Legends memes from the past week!
1. 😂
2. I laughed WAY too hard at this 😂
3. 😂
4. When ur team just says he one shot
5. 😂
6. truth
7. Everyone's guilty of this
8. 😂
9. 🤩
10. Caustic is actually a creep tho
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POPULAR Cheeky 3 vs 1 clutch🙂

Never really tried the Spitfire before but did pretty well here 🤣

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POPULAR Spray and pray 👉🏻

I definitely meant to land all those shots on him... mid air... no scoping🤣

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POPULAR I'm so hyped for solos that I can't fking sleep bro

I just hope they remove energy guns bc giving someone a devotion with turbocharger is an unfair free win but I really wanna sleep but I just can't it's so hyped I feel energized thinking about it lmao

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POPULAR Wait for your turn!

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POPULAR When your hero is picked and they have trashcan booty man stats.


POPULAR 🤔✖😂❌😨✖😄❌😬

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POPULAR To all the Pathfinder Mains out there, Respawn Entertainment strikes again! 🔥


Just an hour ago, Apex Legends finally released a teaser for a new Pathfinder skin for the upcoming Iron Crown Collection Event!

Your voices were finally heard people!

Pathfinder finally has his own Gladiator-themed skin for the upcoming event!

Looks like Apex Legends is finally giving us limited time redesigned skins with unique features that are so grind worthy after a long dry run of recoloring that was done last season's event!

Who's getting more ans more hyped as Apex Legends continue to release new skins? 🔥

Are you ready to grind for your very own Knight in Vanganese Manganese Boron Armor? 🛡💯

(Source: https://twitter.com/PlayApex/status/1160223132654850048?s=09)

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POPULAR That’s not even a valid question, you know the answer mother❗️😂😂💀

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POPULAR When ur team just says he one shot

When u shoot him and he kills u

LV.19 Apex > Fortnite

POPULAR When you land with an enemy and only find a P2020

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POPULAR My first solo win... games hella campy, streamed for a hour or so..not a damn win, end the stream..

Next game was a win lmao

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POPULAR Lmao, that's me 😂

Me: bish u lost my trust! 😂😅


POPULAR FORBES condemns Apex's loot boxes as "Hilariously out of touch"

The publication known internationally for its comprehensive analysis and top-tier reporting of everything economical has just released an article condemning Apex's loot boxes as "Hilariously out of touch." This article comes in response to Apex's Iron Crown Event which costs players over $200 to complete and has garnered a huge amount of backlash from the community (and rightfully so).
This whole journey with Apex has been a troubled one. Since the very beginning I've felt at odds with the disconnect between my admiration for Respawn and my lamentation for EA. We were hopeful initially, at least most of us here. I remember having a conversation with ObliviousRex probably close to six months ago at this point. The consensus at the end of this conversation was clear: we as the community believed in Respawn as a developer, believed in Apex as the product, and believed in our fellow gamers to support the game once the revenue streams opened up.
And support the game we did.
We bought that garbage Season 1 battle pass where half of the items were literally useless. Did we know it was garbage? Sure we did, but we didn't care because we just wanted to support the game we loved.
I think that's a huge part of the reason why the current events with the Iron Crown are so disheartening. What more could we have possibly done as a community? We clearly showed that we WANT to support the game yet now it feels like they are spitting in our faces as a thanks for our widespread support. Greed has consumed Apex and this honestly might be a devastating blow to the game's longevity. Amid all the controversy one entity has remained silent: Respawn. It is clear now that Respawn does not run the show, and that they are merely another pawn in EA's chess game which will inevitably end with many fallen pieces amidst a victor-less wasteland.
At the end of the day, these are just my thoughts and feelings as one disgruntled gamer who has simply been through this too many times. I sincerely hope that EA's eyes will be opened by the fact that a publication as prominent and reputable as Forbes denounces them as "awful and exploitative." Even if EA doesn't listen, this could be the catalyst the gaming community needs to persuade other developers and publishers against following in EA's self-destructive footsteps.
I know this was kind of long and perhaps at times rant-y so thank you to those who read through till the end. If you want to check out the Forbes article that inspired me to make this post, I've linked it down below.

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POPULAR Love this😂

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POPULAR 😭😭😭 Whyyyyyy. I just wanna play


POPULAR Woops... Hey there, Wraith mains! 😂🏃

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How to get the new Twitch Prime Octane Skin

1. First, you need to be a Twitch Prime Member.
2. Head over to their official offer page
3. Sign in & Link your accounts. (Connect your EA account with Origin/PSN/Xbox Live)
4. If you've already linke your account, your reqrds will be there when you sign in.
5. You'll also get a notification on the top bar where you can find all Twtich Prime loot.

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POPULAR Apex Legends Season 2 - Weapon and Legends Patch Notes

Disruptor Rounds with Alternator:
-Reduced Shielded damage multiplier 1.7 -> 1.55.
***Designer Notes: Disruptor rounds on the alternator are shredding shields a bit too quickly and still proving to be stronger than intended, so we're reducing the disruptor rounds multiplier on shield damage.
-Increased Magazine Size for all tiers to the following:
Base: 16
Common: 19
Rare: 22
Epic: 25
Designer Notes: We’re giving the RE-45 a small boost in power by giving it one more round for every mag size. Downing a non-fortified enemy with the RE-45 with 0, 50, 75, and 100 shields requires 10, 14, 16, and 19 shots respectively, so this extra round gives the gun the ability to one-mag more armored enemies instead of leaving them barely alive.
-Increased vertical and horizontal recoil. Slightly increased recoil pattern randomness.
***Designer Notes: We’ve made these changes as we’ve seen that the R301 is a bit stronger than intended at long range. We’ve adjusted recoil to balance keeping it effective at medium to close range--which is the original intent--but it should be more difficult for players to auto fire and still laser enemies at long distances.
-Made adjustments to Pathfinder’s and Low-Profile Legends hitboxes.
**Taking shots to the hip now does torso damage instead of leg damage. This should more closely match the behavior of the other Legends.
-Fixed a bug where activating a healing item would cancel the Ultimate for Legends that need to prime it [Bangalore / Pathfinder / Caustic / Gibraltar / Bloodhound]
-Fixed an exploit where players would sometimes be able to still shoot while downed.
-Increased the distance that Bloodhound can see traversal clues left by other players [but not other kinds of clues] to 25 meters.
-Adjusted the area of effect for Bloodhound’s Tactical to 110 fov.
-Based on player feedback, we’ve reduced the “hum” audio that’s playing while using Wraith’s Kunai.
-Fixed issue where actions for Wrath would have a slight delay when her weapon is holstered and crouching or sliding while the kunai is equipped.
-Fixed an exploit that allowed players to remove the cooldown for Wraith’s Tactical Ability.
-Fixed a bug where Bloodhound’s Ultimate Ability could be activated with no charge up time while riding a zipline.
-Fixed bug where Mirage was able to stay invisible and still be able to shoot and melee when using his Ultimate on a zipline.
-Fixed bug where sometimes Octane’s Jump Pad would not launch the player.

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POPULAR Popular memes of the week (08/11/2019)

Here are the funniest Apex Legends memes from the past week!
1. Woops... Hey there, Wraith mains! 😂🏃
2. "Child Abuse" - Apex Legends Version
3. Lmao, that's me 😂
4. That’s not even a valid question, you know the answer mother❗️😂😂💀
5. Wait for your turn!
6. Smoke bringing you guys another dank meme! 😁
7. 🤔✖😂❌😨✖😄❌😬
8. Fr tho
9. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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POPULAR Who's hyped for the upcoming "Gladiator" themed skins this 13th of August?! 🔥


4 hours ago, Apex Legends has finally given us a glimpse of something more from what we thought would be the upcoming skins that was merely for Mirage, Bloodhound, Lifeline, and Bangalore. Turns out, we've got another one for our favorite interdimensional skirmisher, Wraith! 😍
(Source: https://twitter.com/PlayApex/status/1159524825112576000?s=19)

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POPULAR Will Apex Legends' upcoming "Solo Queues" feature be a success?


Posted: 08/08/2019

Time: 19:35 (GMT +8)

Lately, apex fans has been talking about the upcoming "Iron Crown Collection Event" due to its most-requested feature that we have all been waiting for ever since the first season.

However, according to a well-known professional twitch streamer named Michael Grzesiek who we might all know by the screen name of "Shroud", such feature might not go down well with the fans overtime despite the hype that has been building up ever since the game's first season.


Simply because one of the unique features that highlights the identity of the uprising battle royale game is its distinctive "trio-squad" match ups that allows each player to use a legend from a set of varying characters with its own unique abilities that are especially made for coordinated gameplays. (Source: https://www.dexerto.com/apex-legends/shroud-explains-why-players-will-hate-apex-legends-solo-mode-888341)

Unlike other battle royales that most FPS/TPS gamers have been used to, it has been sufficiently evident that Apex Legends has a gameplay that is definitely far more different than how PUBG and Fortnite is usually played.

Maybe think of it like this.

Due to it being based to a Japanese movie "Battle Royale" during the 2000s, PUBG and Fortnite is actually meant to be played solo in the first place due to the lack of supportive abilities that Apex Legends have.

Therefore, we can consider them as solo battle royale games.

However, on the other hand, with the unique features that the game has developed for each legend choice, we can actually consider the game as a battle royale of teams.

Hence, theories state that by the time the solo queues will be released, if the developers would fail to balance such extremely team-oriented abilities, a number of legends would be rendered as useless to such event such as Lifeline and Caustic due to their abilities that are completely team-oriented.

But hey! How about we prove such theories wrong? Anyway, at the end of the day, the true feature of a game that makes it fun to play is its own community!

What do you think?

Do you think the Apex Legends Community should coordinate and make such event remarkable by having all players pick only one legend per day to experience extreme matches filled with one legend and see who's gonna be the best Pathfinder Main or the best Lifeline Main despite her passive being useless?

Or perhaps you think the solo queues will be just fine the way it is, despite the fact that most character abilities would most probably be disregarded throughout the event.

Hit me up with your thoughts! 🔥

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Iron Crown Collection Event Trailer

Video Link: https://youtu.be/kQOC1OOJzv0

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POPULAR Apex Legends Victory

My playstation was giving me problems to upload and have the video in better quality..but I recorded with my phone.

How did I do?

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