POPULAR Legend Guide #7: Caustic

---------------------Basic Info----------------------
1. Passive (Nox Vision): Allows you to see enemies through your gas.
Enemies in your gas glow green so that you can see them.
2. Tactical (Nox Gas Trap): Drop canisters that release deadly Nox gas when shot or triggered by enemies.
You store up to 3 canisters of gas traps that trigger when an enemy walks near it or shoots it. You can have a total of 6 active traps at a time, and can pick up active traps to move them around. Enemies can disable a trap by shooting it at its base.
3. Ultimate (Nox Gas Grenade): Blankets a large area in Nox gas.
Caustic throws a grenade that explodes into a large gas cloud.
---------------------Tips for playing Caustic-------------------
1. Fight in buildings and in choke points.
Caustic’s kit is entirely centered around his gas. Although his ultimate can still be useful in an open area, both his ultimate and tactical abilities are best used inside buildings and in choke points. The gas damages, slows, and disorients enemies which forces them to avoid it at all costs. By taking close-quarters fights inside buildings, Caustic can force enemies into his gas and win the fight with ease. Be aware that although your gas doesn’t damage your teammates, it does disorient them, so try to communicate exactly where enemies are so that your teammates can help you with the fight.
2. Feel free to hot drop
Caustic is the only legend whose tactical ability deals damage. This makes him exceptional in early game hot drops when people are frantically running around searching for a gun. By placing your traps around doors you can make sure your back is covered and can prevent enemies from looting. Be aware that it does take a second for your traps to deploy so keep that in mind if someone is on your tail.
3. Activating your traps
Even if an enemy doesn’t trigger your gas traps, you can shoot them to activate them yourself. This is a great way to create diversions which can win you the fight. This also can be used to pin enemies and force them to reroute because they cannot walk through the gas. This can either be used to force the enemy into a specific area where your team can kill them, or to help you escape a bad situation.
4. Choosing your weapons
The best weapon loadout for Caustic is a sniper and a shotgun. I recommend the Longbow and the Peacekeeper. You need the shotgun or another close-range gun because that’s where you’re strongest and where you should be trying to force fights with your gas. Even though it may seem counterintuitive, a sniper is a great compliment to this because the biggest weakness a sniper has is getting pushed from behind. Because Caustic can protect his flanks, he doesn’t have to worry about getting pushed while sniping so sniping with him is very powerful.


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POPULAR Legend Guide #8: Mirage

----------------------Basic Info-----------------------
1. Passive (Encore!): Automatically drop a decoy and cloak for five seconds when knocked down.
Whenever you get knocked down, you spawn a decoy and become invisible for 5 seconds (although your outline is very slightly visible at extremely close range).
2. Tactical (Psyche Out): Send out a holographic decoy to confuse the enemy.
Your tactical ability creates one decoy and sends them to a designated location. This ability does not make you invisible, so it’s best to do this when you’re out of enemy sightlines.
3. Ultimate (Vanishing Act): Deploy a team of Decoys to distract enemies while you cloak.
Your ultimate spawns a ton of decoys around you and makes you invisible for a few seconds. You can’t heal while you’re invisible, so it’s best used to reposition either to flank an enemy or to retreat from a losing battle.
---------------------Tips for playing Mirage--------------------
1. Using your tactical
Your tactical ability sends out a decoy to a designated location which is great for creating a diversion. For example, if your team is in a rough spot, you can put your decoy behind the enemy which will distract the enemy and give your team a chance to reposition. Because you can put your tactical anywhere, it’s also great for scouting far away compounds to determine whether or not they’re occupied. You'll find that enemies have a tough time not shooting at your decoy even if he's stationary.
2. Rely on your aim
Only the real Mirage can shoot which means that the second you start firing, your decoys become useless because you’ve outed yourself as the real Mirage. This means that when you shoot, you need to hit and kill.
3. When in doubt, use your decoys
Mirage has short cooldowns and no movement abilities. He is entirely reliant on his decoys for both attacking and retreating. You should never push without using your abilities and you should never die without using your abilities. It’s important to be aware that you can’t heal for a couple seconds while you’re invisible in your ultimate, so if you're using to retreat you need to relocate first and then heal.
4. Making the most of your passive
Mirage has a very interesting passive in that ideally you would never want to use it. That said, if you do get knocked you’ll want to be able to make the most of it. You have a 5 second window where you’re invisible so your best bet is to reposition as far as possible and get behind cover. Enemies that don’t know about your passive may shoot at your downed decoy, revealing their position. Also, using your invisibility to find enemies can provide useful information to your team allowing them to win the fight and revive you.


That was the final Legend Guide as we have now covered all 8 Legends in the game! Let me know if you want me to start another guide series (gun guides, drop routes, advanced tactics, or anything else!).

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POPULAR Friendly reminder that your admins are real gamers too 😉

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POPULAR So Legends...who did you cop???

So by now I'm sure many of you have hit that glorious level 23 right? Well once you hit 23 you will have a total of 12,000 legend tokens if you haven't previously spent any. At 12,000 you may buy your first legend without spending real cash!! So...with said legend tokens...which legend did you cop, or which one will you cop in the future??
I myself had to cop Mirage cause his abilities are the best! I really enjoy being able to trick my enemies and get that amazing flank position. Anyhow Legends, ThaMuffinMan has personal matters to attend to...so make sure you leave a comment and maybe even a follow for more content! ⬆️😊💚

LV.22 Fortnite > Apex

POPULAR Blackout feels like an x girlfriend right now.

Like...i still care for you, blackout.....but apex treats me better, and sure apex might not have its life completely in order but atleast i dont have to shovel out money to her only for her to become a worse person:)

Anyon else getting those vibes??

Like apex is everything the other br games held themseleves back from. Lets hope ghis holds up and makes the other br games light fore under their ssses snd het the hell to work.

YT - actuallywill

LV.13 Fearless

POPULAR How I spent my weekend

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POPULAR Legend Guide #6: Lifeline

---------------------Basic Info-----------------------
1. Passive (Combat Medic): Revive knocked down teammates faster while protected by a shield wall. Healing items are used 25% faster.
Lifeline’s passive has 2 parts. When she revives teammates, she revives them much faster and is automatically protected by an unbreakable wall. When she uses healing consumables on herself, they are used 25% faster.
2. Tactical (D.O.C. Heal Drone): Call your Drone of Compassion to automatically heal nearby players over time.
Lifeline’s tactical deploys a health drone that heals all players that stand nearby it (including enemies). The drone applies a tether to anyone who’s being healed by it so you can easily see who is getting healed.
3. Ultimate (Care Package): Call in a drop pod full of high-quality defensive gear.
Lifeline calls in a care package on her position. Although the loot isn’t quite as good as the random care package drops, the loot is still very, very good and has a chance to drop legendary items. Even though the description says it drops defensive gear, it can also drop offensive gear like weapon attachments.
--------------------Tips for playing Lifeline-------------------
1. Using your tactical
Lifeline’s tactical is a very useful tool but it has a very long cooldown. It can be extremely good in the early game and can easily win your team a fight because it allows your team to stay healthy before enemies have looted heals. Your heal is slow, but it has a couple advantages over healing items. Firstly, it heals incrementally meaning that if you have to move before the healing is complete you still get healed some (unlike cancelling a med kit). It also allows you to keep your gun out and fight while you’re getting healed, rather than being a sitting duck when using med items.
2. Using your ultimate
Lifeline might very well have the most powerful ultimate in the game. It’s also one of the few ultimates in the game that’s useful when you’re not in combat. For this reason, it’s best to use Lifeline’s ultimate as soon as its off cooldown. It’s also best to funnel all the ultimate accelerants you find onto Lifeline so that she can get as many care packages as possible. This will help ensure that your team has better loot than the enemies.
3. Fighting with Lifeline
The most important thing to remember when play Lifeline is that you’re the only healer in the game. This influences everything you do, including fighting. You’re best when you’re behind your team and near cover. You should be the retreat point for your team so that if they take damage or end up getting knocked, you can heal them with your drone or revive them under the safety of your shield. For this reason, I recommend using a sniper with Lifeline. It can still be useful to have a close-range weapon as your secondary in case someone sneaks up behind you while you’re supporting your team, although it’s not necessary and an assault rifle will work just fine.
4. Understanding your weaknesses
Unlike most legends in the game, Lifeline has no movement abilities. This makes her the underdog in most gunfights because it will be easier for enemies to hit you. I recommend making the most of moving, sliding, and jumping to make yourself as unpredictable as possible and maximize your chances for survival. If you take shots, you can always hide behind cover and deploy your health drone.


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POPULAR Who is the WORST Legend in Apex Legends?

I really can't decide who is the worst. I mean, every Legend is so unique and they all bring something to the table. The conversation for BEST is pretty interesting with like, 7 contenders (I think it is between Bangalore and Lifeline personally), but who is the WORST?

LV.22 Mootiversary!


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POPULAR The Beginner's Guide - 03

11. Use the Ping system to communicate
Apex Legends ping system lets you communicate with your squad by calling equipment, locations, threats, and more. It is mostly context sensitive. You just have to highlight something, press R1 / RB / middle mouse button to tell it to your team. As a rule, all relevant information is included, eg. B. Gear ratio or type. You can also press and hold the R1 / RB / middle mouse button to call up a wheel with more options, or double-press R1 / RB / middle mouse button to instantly display a hazard when searching.
12. Use the red balloons to quickly reinsert them and slide into a new area
Red balloons are scattered on the Apex Legends card. When you get to one, you can press Square / X / E to go up the connected line and reinsert your jump pack to slide into a new area. It's great to reach higher areas and travel fast, whether you want to escape from other players or the Circle.
13. Try and grab a knockdown shield if you can
The Shield is a practical protective barrier that can take you from ground looting and dead enemies. You can then pull it up when you are knocked down so that you stay alive long enough to be revived. In a shutdown state, you can use R2 to use it. It is very useful if you stay exposed or in the middle of a fight.
14. Learn how to use your inventory space and get more
Your basic inventory consists of eight slots, and each time you pick something up, a two-row grid appears in the center of the screen, showing you how much space you're using. You can increase your inventory in Apex Legends by finding backpacks. These give you more space depending on the level.
White level one - carry two more items
Blue level two - carry four more items
Purple level three - carry six more items
15. You can perform a Finisher on a downed player
Nothing makes a victory sweeter than rubbing someone's face in it. That's exactly what you can do with the square / X / E button. Just approach an enemy you've knocked down and hit square / X / E to perform on Apex Legends Finisher move. You can unlock and choose other options by selecting a character in the Legends section of the game menu.

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Speaking to IGN, Executive Producer Drew McCoy said that they were, but they just didn't work within the battle royale genre.
"During development of Apex Legends, we prototyped a lot of stuff," said McCoy. "Having come from Titanfall 2, we tried wall-running and double jumping and triple jumping, and all sorts of crazy stuff. And the goal of the game from a development standpoint was to create something strategic and masterable and learnable and very deep, and a lot of those mechanics were detrimental to those goals."
The Titans made combat very hard to read, continued McCoy, which is why Respawn decided to have three characters per team as opposed to a four-man or five-man squad. "Because the combat encounters were getting too complex and too hairy, where you couldn’t mentally keep track of where everyone was and the state of all the stuff. So we talked about our action block phase of development. That’s actually something we take with us throughout the whole process of development. It’s not just prototyping, it’s also iteration. We playtest the game for hours every day so that we can be making sure that we’re hitting our goals as far as what this game is trying to accomplish. So for this game, the depth of the game and the strategy of the game really was the lynchpin on deciding these mechanics."
Full Article : https://www.ign.com/articles/2019/02/07/heres-why-there-are-no-titans-in-apex-legends

LV.18 Sage

POPULAR Who has the best Ultimate?

What do you think?

LV.21 I’m the champion!

POPULAR What’s you’re favorite weapon?

I’m loving the wingman right now 👍

LV.5 Apex > Fortnite

POPULAR What's your favorite legend

Personally my favorite legend is blood hound. I like him because he can see people far away with his ultimate. And he also can move quicker when you use it. What is your favorite legend and why are they your favorite.

LV.17 PlayStation

POPULAR How was your first round?

Title says it.

LV.19 Fearless


So far, Wraith has been my favorite legend in the game. She’s super consistent and is just an all around awesome character 💯🔥👌🏽


- {PASSIVE} Voices from the void : You hear a voice when danger approaches. As far as you can tell, it’s on your side.

- {TACTICAL} INTO THE VOID : Reposition quickly though the safety of the ‘void’ space, avoiding all damage.

- {ULTIMATE} DIMENSIONAL RIFT : Link 2 locations with portals for 60 seconds.


- She’s great for getting out of tough situations and fast travel, I highly recommend using her, I love her for so many reasons and it’s great when you know what you’re doing. 😂🔥

: I personally use “Void Specialist” on her because I mean cmon 😂.

She is a traveler and a guns-woman, she can help teammates and travel fast, along with her ability to hear and warn others when there’s someone around. 10/10.

LV.22 Dream Chaser

POPULAR The Legend of The Chosen One


LV.25 Titan

POPULAR Legend Guide #5: Gibraltar

-------------------Basic Info-------------------
1. Passive (Gun Shield): Aiming down sights deploys a gun shield that blocks incoming fire.
This very powerful passive automatically creates a shield that covers the upper half of your body every time you aim down sights. If the shield takes enough damage, it will break. Once it breaks you have to wait for it to recharge before it’s active again.
2. Tactical (Dome of Protection): Throw down a dome-shield that blocks attacks for 15 seconds.
Gibraltar throws down a large transparent dome that blocks all attacks (both friendly and enemy). This is a great resource if your squad is taking fire or you need to revive a teammate.
3. Ultimate (Defensive Bombardment): Call in a concentrated mortar strike on a marked position
Very similar to Bangalore’s ultimate, but covers a smaller area. This makes the strike more concentrated so if it’s placed well, it can seriously damage or even knock down enemies.
---------------------Tips for playing Gibraltar-----------------
1.Using the dome to your advantage
It’s important to remember that the dome blocks all attacks including those of your teammates. Your team has a massive advantage however because they get the benefit of choosing when to exit and enter the dome. By popping in and out of the dome you and your team can get free shots on an enemy which can help swing the fight in your favor. Of course, if the fight is completely losing you can simply use the dome to cover your backs while you run away to safety.
2. Using cover with your passive
Your passive covers most of the upper-half of your body, so if you can get behind cover that protects your lower half, you can shoot at enemies while being almost entirely protected. When Gibraltar pulls this off, his incredible defensive capabilities makes him one of the best offensive legends in the game.
3. Fighting with Gibraltar
Gibraltar is best in close quarters and at sniping range. In close quarters your passive makes it very difficult for enemies to land shots on you, especially if they are hip-firing. For this reason it’s important to always ADS with Gibraltar even in close combat situations. Likewise, sniping behind cover is very effective because you can avoid the first shot with your passive. This gives you one free sniper shot at the enemy where you have the chance to knock them while you can’t get hurt.
4. Play with caution
With all of his shields and defensive capabilities, it’s easy to feel invincible with Gibraltar. This can often lead you to overextend or take fights in a bad position. Always remember that your shields can break and your dome is just temporary. If you run out into the open and rely on your defenses to protect you, a smart enemy will simply wait out your shields and take you down while your abilities are on cooldown.


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POPULAR The Beginner's Guide - 02

6. Move faster in Apex Legends by holstering your weapon
Getting about is always key in a battle royale game whether it’s to reach loot or get out of the circle. In Apex Legends you can hold triangle/Y to holster your weapon and move faster.
7. Choose a legend that fits the squad
When you start a match Apex Legends teams are chosen one at a time, player by player which means not only might someone pick ‘your’ character before you, they might also choose a similar type. If you’re second, or especially third, you want to go for something that better balances the team.
8. Respawn allies who’ve died in battle.
In battle royale games, you want to stay alive as long as possible — to be the last player standing. But if you or your teammate gets knocked down, and can’t be revived in time, there’s still hope.
9. Manage your inventory
Keeping a tidy inventory is fundamental to proper gameplay as it's always good to collect and keep what you need while getting rid of things that you don't. Since it's a battle for loot in the beginning, you might want to help a teammate who could not find anything. If you want to drop an item in Apex Legends to get another person to hit the loading screen with the hit options, select the item you want and click
10. Know your colors
The color scheme used in Apex Legends can be a powerful tool if you have become familiar with it. The colors stand for rare objects, with gray being the rarest, then blue, then purple and finally gold the rarest.
Loot dropped by excreted players shines in the color of the rarest item in the supply, making it easier for you to decide which stock to loot first.
Colors also play a role in combat, as the color of the damage figures that appear when opposing players strike indicates how rare armor they carry.

LV.21 Genius

POPULAR Welcome back Legends!

So yesterday I asked you guys what your best item out of an apex pack was...well that's all said and done now. Today, I wanna know...after 4 days of Apex Legends, have any of you discovered a "favorite" drop yet? For me, I really prefer landing at wetlands and the bunker. Idk why, I just seem to always have the best luck at these locations, and I've pulled out two back to back wins landing at wetlands, so its stole my heart. Have any of you had this kinda luck at a drop? Feel free to leave a comment letting me know where and maybe even a follow if you wanna see more muffinz quality material!😊💪🏻

LV.22 Fortnite > Apex

POPULAR The Beginner's Guide - 01

1. The maximum health of the player is 200 HP with maximum armor
Each Apex Legends character has a base state of 100 hp. The armor you can collect can add up to between two and four 25HP. This means that the maximum health you can go against is 200 HP.
2. The color of the damage numbers shows you enemy
Enemy numbers will be displayed and you will learn a lot about what you are getting into.
Red numbers mean that your opponent has no armor
White numbers indicate level 1 armor
Blue numbers show the armor of the second level
Purple numbers show the level 3armor
Yellow numbers indicate a head shot
By understanding these numbers, you can effectively see how strong the threat of an enemy is. If the numbers are red, indicating that there is no armor, it is a good idea to pursue them. Purple numbers with legendary armor mean you may want to hold back.
3. Loot colors indicate levels
Armor, weapons, attachments, enemy loot boxes and almost everything in the game has a color that indicates its level - the higher the better. Higher armor offers more protection and so on. In enemy loot boxes the color indicates the highest level. The colors are as follows:
Level 1 - White
Level 2 - Blue
Level 3 - Purple
Level 4 - Gold
Gold level 4 armor and gear in Apex Legends is rare but it exists. It's basically the same as purple level 3 but comes with perks:
Gold helmet - faster tactical and ultimate cooldowns
Gold armor - refills shields after an execution
Gold backpack - faster health/consumable use
Gold Knockdown shield - self revive once
4. Ammo colors indicate type of weapon
There are basically four ammo types in Apex Legends: light rounds, heavy rounds, energy ammo and shotgun shells which are all indicated by a color:
Light rounds - brown
Heavy rounds -blue
Energy ammo - green
Shotgun shells - red
5. Some weapons have an alternate fire mode
Not every Apex Legends gun has an alternative fire mode, but it might be useful. Changing a full auto weapon to single shot for example will make you more accurate over range. If your gun has an alternate fire mode, it'll have a d-pad icon on the bottom right corner, just tap left to switch. The options include single fire, burst fire and full auto.


LV.21 Genius

POPULAR Legend Guide #4: Pathfinder

----------------------Basic Info-------------------------
1. Passive (Insider Knowledge): Scan a survey beacon to reveal the ring's next location.
There are survey beacons scattered around the map which you can hack to reveal where the next ring will be. It’s usually very easy to get to the next ring in this game, so while knowing where it will be is useful information and worth doing if you happen to come across a survey beacon, it’s definitely not worth going out of your way for.
2. Tactical (Grappling Hook): Grapple to get to out-of-reach places quickly.
Pathfinder’s grappling hook is precisely what makes him so good. It’s a fantastic mobility tool that allows Pathfinder to reach areas quickly, enabling him to loot faster, join fights faster, and escape danger.
3. Ultimate (Zipline Gun): Create a zipline for everyone to use.
Your ultimate ability allows you to create a zipline, allowing you and your team to quickly traverse the map. While there is a limit to how far you can place it, the range is absolutely massive and you’re unlikely to encounter a situation where there’s no good place to zipline.
-------------------Tips for playing Pathfinder---------------------
1. Use Grapple constantly
Grapple has a very low cooldown so I recommend using it constantly. Pathfinder has a low base movement speed, but his grapple allows him to move around the map faster than any other legend. It’s not just useful for going up - you can use the grapple on trees and rocks to launch yourself past them at insanely high speeds. You can even grapple enemies to stop them in their tracks and pull yourself toward them. Making the most of your grapple is the number 1 key to mastering Pathfinder.
2. Using your ultimate to win fights
You can use your ultimate to create advantageous positions for your team, such as securing the high ground and being able to cover multiple positions at once. The best way to do this is for your team to split up while you use your ultimate to link your positions. This allows your 2 teammates to engage an enemy in close quarters while you snipe at the enemy. This makes it so that if your teammates get into trouble they can use the zipline to retreat to your safe position or you can take the zipline to quickly join your team.
3. Using your ultimate to disengage
This one is a bit tricky because you’re not incredibly fast on the zipline and the enemy knows exactly where you're going. That’s why I recommend using cover and altitude changes to disengage. For example, run behind a rock and use your zipline downhill. This will make it tough for enemies to have a good angle to shoot you. That said, you’re still pretty quick and a moving target is much more difficult to hit than a stationary one, so sometimes you’ll have to take a risky zipline to avoid a completely losing fight.
4. Mastering the zipline
The ziplines have a lot of cool mechanics that everybody (not just Pathfinder) can use. Of course, if you’re playing Pathfinder you’ll want to be a master of these cool little tricks. For example, if you’re on the zipline and you end up realizing that taking it is a bad idea, you can jump, turn around, and take the zipline back the other way. Always remember that you can still shoot while you’re ziplining. You’re a much more difficult target to hit than a stationary enemy, so you can often win a gun fight while on the zipline.


verified LV.21 S

POPULAR Hi there legends!👋🏻

Hi legends! Have you been leveling up like crazy and earning those apex packs? Or maybe even buy some yourself??? Well you can always get amazing cosmetic items from simply opening just one! So as I was sitting here thinking about what to post, I thought this was a great question...what's the greatest thing you legends have gotten out of an apex pack?? I dont have any good pics of what I got so I have one that I pulled off of Google for ya, but I have gotten some very cool items myself. Leave a comment letting me know what best items you all have gotten and maybe even a picture if you'd like!

LV.22 Fortnite > Apex

POPULAR Legend Guide #3: Bangalore

--------------------------Basic Info--------------------------
1.Passive (Double Time): Taking fire while sprinting makes you move faster for a brief time.
Although Bangalore’s passive may not seem like much, it’s quite possibly the best ability in the game. The speed boost it gives you is massive and it makes you great at both getting into fights and getting away from them. It’s worth noting that you don’t actually have to get hit by the bullets - you just have to get shot at. Be aware that in order to receive the speed boost, you have to already be sprinting before you get shot at.
2. Tactical (Smoke Launcher): Fire a high-velocity smoke canister that explodes into a smoke wall on impact.
Bangalore’s tactical ability is a smoke grenade that creates a heavy fog of smoke that is almost impossible to see through. Bangalore’s tactical ability is also very powerful because you get 2 grenade charges, meaning that you almost always have a smoke available.
3. Ultimate (Rolling Thunder): Call in an artillery strike that slowly creeps across the landscape.
You call in an artillery strike that covers a small area. You do this by throwing a grenade, which means you can only use it in an area relatively close to your current position. This makes your ultimate a great tool to engage a fight as it creates a double-threat of both your team engaging and the mortar strike doing damage.
---------------------Tips for playing Bangalore---------------------
1. Have a plan when you smoke
Your smoke is a very powerful tool when used properly, but can be devastating when misused. The smoke is thick and Bangalore has just as much trouble seeing through it as everyone else (except for Bloodhound who can see through it with his ultimate). This is why it’s important to have a plan and know exactly where you’re going when you use your smoke. You don’t want to use your smoke and end up running into walls.
2. Using smoke to revive teammates
Don’t just smoke and run to them. The smoke lasts a long time so use both your charges and have them crawl to you. Your smoke doesn’t do any good if the enemy knows exactly where you are, so it’s important that both you and your downed teammate relocate before starting the revive.
3. Using your abilities to create a surprise attack
One of the best ways to use your smoke is to begin a coordinated attack with your team. When you smoke on your location, you have the advantage of knowing where the enemy is without them knowing where you are. You can exploit this to reposition and get some nice 3-on-1 situations while the enemy squad has no idea what’s going on.
You can also do this with your ultimate ability. Although the artillery strike isn’t likely to get any kills, it is very loud and dangerous, and usually forces enemies to run away or try to get indoors. You can use this to your advantage because you know where the enemy is likely to go. For example, if there’s only one building nearby, you can mortar strike on the enemy and camp that building because you know they’re going to run in there.
4. Feel free to run away
Bangalore is extremely good at running away from bad situations. Her passive speed boost combined with her tactical smoke makes her incredible at disengaging from losing fights or escaping a surprise attack. She can always rejoin the fight with her smoke and speed boost, so the best way to play Bangalore is often to be constantly engaging and disengaging fights. This ensures that you’re always fighting on your own terms and allows you to have an advantage in almost every skirmish.


verified LV.21 S

POPULAR Tips & Tricks

Pretty great list for basic tips and tricks collected in the official Apex Legends reddit, r/apexlegends, collected and edited by u/Gwarh. Below are the listed tips as of this posting, but the list is growing and being moderated as they learn more. I deleted two that were false, but I’ll also try to add more as I find them. See the full and updated list here: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/anjkbg/short_list_of_tips_tricks_you_might_not_be_aware/


“Growing list of tips I've gleaned from the sub-reddit, and other players in game. Thought I'd share them in case anyone else finds them useful or interesting. Posted below in no particular order.

• There is no friendly fire damage in the game

• Hit maker damage colors mean something.
- Yellow = Head-shot damage
- Purple = Target has 100 shield/armor
- Blue = Target has 75 shield/armor
- White = Target has 50 shield/armor
- Red = Target has no shield/armor

(not sure yet if the colors for shields change in real time as they take damage, can anyone confirm?)

(someone raised a good point in the comments, the colors you see could also indicate the level of armor the target is wearing, as well as the shield, so you could see white at first (low lvl shields), then purple after (high lvl armor))(would be nice to get dev confirmation on how this works)

• You can zip-line uphill as well as downhill.

• You can shoot while on a zipline.

• You can dismount/jump off a zipline by pressing your "jump" key (or maybe it was the "use" key)

• You can ping any item you see in-game (eg: heavy ammo lying on the ground) to alert team mates to it's existence and location. (VERY helpful, do this often!)

• You can ping an ammo slot in your inventory to ask your team mates for more of that ammo type.

• You can ping an empty weapon slot to alert/ask your team-mates that you need a weapon.

• You can ping an empty equipment slot to alert/ask your team-mates for that missing item.

• The ping system in this game is amazing, when in doubt PING IT!

• You can MUTE a-holes by going to the 2nd tab of the Inventory page, find their name and mute

• Although there is no parkour/wall running you can vault up low'ish walls by running up to them, looking up and holding the jump key, the character jump and use their arms to pull themselves up.

• You can wall-climb to higher areas by jumping and pushing forward. It's not covered in the tutorial but is essential! (tip comes from one of the game devs)

• You can hang from a ledge by not pressing "forward" at the end of a climb movement.

• Some of the best loot in the game appears on the big white and red hover craft (Supply Ships). You can usually see one moving across the map as you initially ride the "bus" over the map at the match beginning. They also appear throughout the match as well. High risk but high reward as they draw many others enemy players.

• I think most players know this from the tutorial but you can crouch while running to slide forwards. Making yourself a smaller target, as well as ski/slide down slopes faster than you can run down them. Also some low hanging doors can be found on the map which you can slide under.

• While Sliding, letting go of the "forward" key while sliding will allow you to look around and even shoot in ADS mode backwards while keeping your slide going.

• While Sliding, if you hold your "forward" key and look directly behind you, you'll stop the slide almost instantly.

• You can use items (including weapons) while sliding.

• When Sliding you can press "melee" and perform a cool uppercut attack.

• When Jumping you can press "melee" and perform a cool jump-kick attack.

• While in inventory you can switch attachments between weapons, just hover the cursor over the attachment in question and click on it (might have to press the "reload" key to make this happen, haven't tried it myself)

• "Switchfire" add-on for weapons allows a gun that normally has only 1 mode of fire to have 2. For eg. A single-fire rifle can become an auto-fire rifle. (These add-ons are weapon or weapon class specific, so they may or may not work on the gun you're currently wielding).

• The Hero "Pathfinder" can grapple/pull enemies to him by hitting them with his grapple gun. Try it with a melee punch at the end ala Roadhog style.

• Kick those doors in! You can kick and eventually destroy doors by melee'ing them! Also blow them up with grenades!

• Like many other games with a loot system (MMO's, MOBA's, other BR's) most of the items in game come in different rarities, with the greater the rarity the greater it's power/strength/effectiveness.
- White = Common (laying around everywhere)
- Blue = Rare (found every now and again)
- Purple = Epic (Wow I am so lucky I found you)
- Gold = Legendary (only 1 per match?)

• Gold equipment drops is in care packages, and sometimes in the Hero "Lifeline’s" packages.

• Gold equipment has the same stats as Purple equipment, but they also come with a bonus perk:
- Gold Helmet - Passive: Charges your Tactical ability faster & Charges your Ultimate ability faster
- Gold Armor - Full Refill of your shields when you execute an enemy (to execute press your "use" button on the downed foe)
- Gold Backpack - Passive: Health and shield consumable use sped up (x2)
- Gold Knocked Down Shield - One-Time use Self Revive
- Gold Scopes - Passive: Called "Digital Threat" scopes. Enemies viewed through scope always show a red outline, as long as you continue to view them through said scope. Also the red outline shows up through smoke and walls for ease of tracking. Gold scopes come in x1, x2, x4-8, x10 variants.
- Gold Guns - Found in hot drops only, come pre-loaded with attachments. These attachments can't be removed from these guns.

• You can turn on Text to Voice in the game settings, so that anything anyone (including yourself) types in chat will be read out loud in a robot voice. Especially helpful for teammates of those playing without a mic.

• You can also turn Voice to Text. the reverse of the above. (I've tried this myself so I didn't have to listen to screaming squeakers in voice, but it seems if i turn the voice volume to 0% it doesn't work)

• You can perform a Finishing Move on a downed player. Performs a coup de gras on the enemy via a special animation. NOTE: when you do this you are vulnerable for the length of the animation. As far as I can currently tell it's just for fun and there is no game benefit to it (Unless you are equipped with the "Gold Armor" then you get a free/full shield recharge out of it)

• At the beginning of a match while your still up in the battlebus/dropship you can use your "zoom" key if you like to get a closer look at the ground.

• If you're sprinting, then open your inventory you will continue to sprint in the same direction. Useful for when you want to check your "stuff" while moving from A to B.

• When swapping out weapons w. attachments already on them, the attachments will automatically move over to the new gun as long as that gun can equip them. (so unlike other BR games where you have to manually remove the attachments, drop them, drop the old gun, pick up the new gun, pick up the old attachments, then open inventory and add everything again, it's all automated in APEX!)

• The hero "Caustic" can set of his own gas traps by shooting them, and he can see enemies through these gas clouds as well.

• You can shoot an enemy Caustic's gas traps as well to set them off from a safe distance.

• The color of a crate a dead enemy drops indicates the best item they had equipped at the time of their death. Purple crate = Purple item to loot. (so in the pressures on and you gotta move, you can skip the white crates)(or maybe it's worth taking circle damage to loot a gold crate)

• There is no fall damage, Zero! you can fall 500m and take no dmg.

• Their is no friendly fire dmg, blast away at your team-mates, they are sure to appreciate your enthusiasm.

• All Shotguns which have a choke attachment allow you to narrow the spread of the blast for a bit more accuracy at range, and more pellets on target/more dmg to target. To do this ADS (Aim Down Sight) for 3? seconds.

• Don't snub the LMG's (Lite Machine Guns) as they have the biggest magazines of all the guns. And as so many guns fire fast and have small mags enemies spend allot of time re-loading, but you with your LMG can keep blasting away.

• Ultimate Accelerant - You can only use it from your inventory window, not via the heal/shield wheel. It lowers the cool-down on your ultimate by 20%. Best to use it when you find it and get it's benefit and free up the inventory slot it took up. If you have a "Lifeline" on your team give them to her. As her ult is best used as soon as it's available so she can get the cool-down for the next one started asap.

• Gibraltar's tactical ability "Dome of Protection blocks 100% of damage, both in and out, so you can't sit inside it and plink enemies outside it..

• You start the match with 8 Inventory Slots, expandable up to 14 slots via backpack pickups.

• The Arc Star (Ninja Star) grenade is a sticky grenade. That is it fly's more or less straight and embeds itself (sticks) to what it hits, then explodes. Not sure if you can hit an enemy with it and have it stick to them till it explodes.

• When in doubt of where to go, head to a re-spawn point and camp/area-denial it. There is always a chance Enemy players will be heading to it to revive a dead team-mate, so you have a chance to bushwhack them. And if you can't do that you at lease prevent them from using it keeping their squad weaker.

• During the start of round/hero draft phase if you are not picking first, you can hover your mouse over the hero you want to let your team mates know you want that hero and hopefully they'll leave that hero for you.

• Of you find one of those little robot triangle loot boxes (don't know their proper name, the ones you get each level outside of a match) in a match, melee it as it drops good loot.

- - - -
The below points may be true, but need a few more peeps confirming the case before added to the main list.

• You can climb up pipes on walls (Jackie Chan style) to reach even higher spots.

• Caustics gas does not damage friendlies, but it makes them cough/disorient them (unsure if this is intentional or just a missed effect/bug)

• You can say "affirmative/yes" by pinging on another players map marker/ping icon. If you press and hold ping button while cursor is on their ping mark and you get 3 choices. (Don't recall what they other 2 callouts were though).”

LV.28 Mod

POPULAR Legend Guide #2: Wraith

--------------------------Basic Info-------------------------
1. Passive (Voices from the Void): A voice warns you when danger approaches. As far as you can tell, it's on your side.
A voice warns you when enemies are near. It also notifies you about any traps in your vicinity. You can then press a button to warn your team about the threat. I recommend always doing this because the voice is pretty hard to hear (it's a whisper), so relaying the info to your team helps make sure that you heard the voice correctly.
2. Tactical (Into the Void): Reposition quickly through the safety of void space, avoiding all damage.
You gain a bunch of speed and turn mostly invisible, allowing you to reposition. It also makes you temporarily invulnerable to damage. Because you can’t take any damage while using your tactical ability, it’s a great way to get away from a losing fight.
3. Ultimate (Dimensional Rift): Link two locations with portals for 60 seconds, allowing your entire team to use them.
Using your ultimate puts down one portal at your current location. You can then run to a different location and use your ultimate again to place the second portal. The 2 portals are linked for the next 60 seconds allowing you (and everybody else) to teleport between them.
---------------------Tips for playing Wraith-----------------
1. Using your ultimate to retreat
Anybody in the game can use your portals, not just you and your team. This makes it tricky to use for retreating, because the enemy can simply follow you through your portal. You can use the portals as many times as you want while they’re active, so you can hop back and forth between the 2 positions if you’re in danger. One of the best ways to use your portal to retreat is to use it to rescue your team, not yourself. This means placing one portal in a safe location and placing the other portal where your team is fighting. Even knocked players can go through the portal, so it's a great way to get a safe revive on your teammates.
2. Using your ultimate to attack
Your ultimate is best used to engage an enemy with a surprise attack. You can place the first portal by your team and then run to place the second portal behind the enemy team, allowing your teammates to join the fight unexpectedly. This works best when you all have mics because pulling this off properly requires great coordination and can win you the game.
3. Combine your tactical and ultimate abilities
Regardless of whether you’re using your ultimate to attack or retreat, odds are that you’re in either in a fight or are about to be in a fight. This makes your tactical ability very powerful when combined with your ultimate, because it makes it so that you cannot take any damage while placing your portal. In most situations, you’ll want to place your first portal, then use your tactical ability and place your second portal. Your tactical ability doesn’t last as long as your ultimate so getting the timings right can be a bit tricky, but it’s very manageable with a little practice.
4. Play with your team
Part of what makes Wraith so strong is the fact that her abilities can greatly impact your entire squad. Is one of your teammates not going to make it to the ring in time? You can use your portal to teleport them to safety. Are you guys casually looting and all of a sudden you hear a voice saying that danger approaches? You can tell your team to be on alert and get a heads-up play against the enemy. Is one of your teammates getting attacked? You can use your tactical ability to safely draw attention away from your team.


verified LV.21 S

POPULAR ThaMuffinMans Favored Legend 🙌🏻

After playing a decent bit of APEX Legends I've determined my favorite legend of them all!
He is by far my favorite because of his unique tracking skills. They are, as taken straight from the game

Foes leave behind clues for you to find.

Tactical:Eye of the Allfather
Briefly reveal enemies, traps, and clues through all structures in front of you.

Ultimate:Beast of the hunt
Transform into the ultimate hunter. Enhances your senses, allowing you to see cold tracks and move faster.

See! Isn't he just a beast💪🏻
Comment your favorite legend below!

LV.22 Fortnite > Apex

POPULAR The hunter sent by the gods themselves BLOODHOUND

Blood hound is the silent tracker that sees you before you see him. I started using him as a support to my team and we always make it to the final 3 or win. Learning how to use his passive is key to victory

Bloodhound's passive ability tells you where a enemy was, and what they were doing. Noticing his passives hints can save you from walking into a ambush.

With his first ability you scan the surrounding areas and highlight enemy's nearby food your teammates.
**BUT BEWARE* * his first ability shoes you a hologram of the enemies last location and a counter at the tip for the amount of hostiles in the area. I typically use his first about when I first drop, and when my team is looting for better gear. This way no one can catch us off guard. Also when a Bangalore uses her smoke screen, his 1st ability highlights enemies through the smoke.

His ultimate turns him into the God sent tracker/hunter that terrorizes the battlefield. It's your first ability times 100!. It gives you an active location of all surrounding enemies as well as boosting your reflexes (reload speed) and ADS (Aim down sights) time. I personally dont noticed any speed boosts.

The proper utilization of a bloodhound will definitely give your team the upper hand.

LV.8 Nomad

POPULAR Your favorite Legend?

Hey everyone,

Did you already put your hands on the latest marvel by Respawn Entertainment?
Which of the Legends is your favorite?

With Apex Legends it seems like even I can finally find myself getting into a Battle Royale game.
As a dedicated Titanfall player I, of course, didn’t hesitate any longer and downloaded the game and I don’t regret anything!
Although the legend selection is yet quite modest, I already picked my favorites.

My all time favorite is Gibraltar.
With his deployable shield as passive and a dome-shield as tactical he provides maxium protection not only for himself but also for his squad!
His true utility however comes with his ultimate: Devastating mortar fire!

Gibraltar is the perfect pick for solo-queuing, however to unleash all his potential you should definitely bring a premade squad!

Anyway what are your favorite picks? Do you already have your mains?
Share your picks in the comments.

Stay awesome!

verified LV.25 Mod

POPULAR How many wins do y'all have already? (Be honest!)

Lemme know in the comments!
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LV.21 I’m the champion!