POPULAR Mastiff with NO health for the Dub! 😂👍

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POPULAR Thought this was cool hit this yesterday 👌🔌😂💥

LV.5 Apex > Fortnite


LV.20 Dragon

POPULAR Mozambique here

LV.7 Apex > Fortnite

POPULAR Esketittt

LV.12 Try Hard


LV.5 Professional Noob

POPULAR Did you know ?

LV.21 Team Player

POPULAR What’s your Favourite gun in apex ?

LV.7 Apex > Fortnite

POPULAR Using "Streamer Mode" can give you a competitive advantage

In the gameplay settings you may have noticed something called "Streamer Mode." If you set it to "All" then it changes all usernames in the game (except for your team) to the name of the legend. This means that in the kill feed for example, instead of seeing usernames you'll see something like this: Octane3215 killed Bangalore2151. The reason why this can give you an advantage is that it lets you know precisely which legends you can expect to face before you fight which, as we'll see, can lead to some huge benefits.
For example, let's say that you're going to 3rd party a fight and you've been watching the kill feed. You can see that the Wraith on 1 team is downed and the Bloodhound and Caustic on the other team are downed. You can see that Lifeline was the one who downed Caustic. This gives you so much information going into the fight. You know that Team A has a 2v1 scenario and you know that they can revive their downed teammate very quickly with the Lifeline. You would never know any of this information if you didn't have streamer mode on because you would never see which legends are being played, you would only see the usernames instead.
Here's another scenario where it can play a big role. Let's say you think you're going to 3rd party a team. You're running to the fight but because you have streamer mode on you realize that there's 3 different Bangalore's in the kill feed. This lets you know that what you thought was going to be 3 teams is actually going to be 4. You can now use this information to decide whether you want to fight it as a 4th man, wait for them to kill each other off first, or see if more teams show up. Rather than simply running into a situation you're not prepared for, you can now approach it in the most ideal way possible.
As you can see, there's some pretty clear advantages to using streamer mode. Personally I like seeing people's usernames cause they make me laugh, but when my squad is really trying to play competitively, we turn on streamer mode because it can definitely make a difference.

LV.21 S

POPULAR Who’s your favourite Legend ? Mines pathfinder

LV.7 Apex > Fortnite

POPULAR Worst Pains Known to Man

LV.21 Genius

POPULAR Am i hacking 0-0

What did i just do plz dont ban me apex😅🎮🔥

LV.24 Elite Four


Hmm so thats off the list😂

LV.24 Elite Four

POPULAR Real Flatline Who Else Wants One ?

LV.20 Clearly Hacking


LV.5 Wolf

POPULAR When one of your teammates says "he's one shot!" and you empty a whole clip into him


LV.22 S

POPULAR "Hey can I copy your homework?"

"Yeah just change it a bit so it's not too obvious."

LV.21 Dream Chaser

POPULAR what are you??

LV.19 Sage

POPULAR Pull up, bro ain't messin around

LV.16 Big Chungus

POPULAR MAJOR Caustic and Gibraltar bugs

There are 2 HUGE bugs with the thicc bois right now. One affects them and one affects their enemies.
1. Caustic and Gibraltar's new passive is bugged and currently makes you take 10% extra damage to your health while you have a shield. This means that the new passive that's supposed to make you tankier is literally killing you.
2. When enemies shoot a Caustic or Gibraltar, they can't see what type of armor they have until the armor is broken. This is obviously very annoying and can make every fight against a Caustic or Gibraltar very difficult as you don't know how much health they have.
Hopefully Respawn addresses this issues quickly, but it's very surprising that both of these bugs would make it through their quality testing.

LV.21 S


Wondering why your Apex Legends #stats are not showing up correctly on Moot? Well, we have the answer below.
Currently we are using the API of another service to track Apex Legends stats which can only track a handful of stats at this time. Unfortunately, that means the same incorrect stats are reflected on Moot. For now it is the best we can do, but if there ever is a better option we will certainly explore it!
Please read this article for more information on how stats are tracked:

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POPULAR True Identities of Apex Legends

LV.21 S

POPULAR I dont know

I dont know if I should cry or what😂

LV.24 Elite Four

POPULAR Gibraltar does a weird flex <3

omg im dying 😂😂😂😂😂

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POPULAR Apex Legends Patch 1.1.1 Balances Legends and Weapons

The first patch in what feels like forever released for Apex Legends this morning and it is PACKED with exciting changes. Caustic and Gibralter have new aspects in their passive that prevent 10% of all damage taken. Snipers will do more damage to arms and legs. The Wingman and Spitfire both have smaller magazines. The gold weapons now have GOOD ATTACHMENTS, like a Digital Threat on a Gold Wingman and a Turbocharger for the Gold Havoc. Finally, your first top 5 of the day for the next 2 days will earn you an entire battle pass level’s worth of experience!
For the full story click here:
And to check out the rest of The Daily Moot click below:

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POPULAR Is Gibraltar good?

I rarely play Gibraltar and only have 10 games(actually I checked, and its more like 30 lol) and two wins on him. I also like playing offensive and tactical characters, so you can see that I'm not like super good on him either. I rarely ever see any godly tier players play him as well. So I was thinking what Apex could do to make him better.
To figure out how to make him any better, I wanted to find his strengths and weaknesses. Here were my thoughts:
Passive- Gun Shield: I mean, it might be decent against new players, but I don't see this actually helping much in a gunfight. However, any ability isn't a weakness, so I decided to put this as one of his strengths. The Gun Shield provides a small damage decrease if you aim downsights and the enemy's shots hit it. However, it doesn't really change the gunfight much because Gibraltar has one of the biggest hitboxes in the game, as we will see later. It also doesn't help teammates...
Tactical- Dome of Protection: It does have some downsides but if you use it correctly, this isn't actually a bad tactical. This ability is useful if enemies are shooting at you from far away, and you are low on health and need to heal. It also provides a source of cover out in the open. However, by using this, you are more vulnerable to flanks by the enemy(such as someone rushing from behind where you aren't looking). It also only lasts for a short period(I believe 12 seconds), so if you camp in the dome, once the time is up, you are out in the open and without cover.
Ultimate- Defensive Bombardment: Basically Bangalore's ultimate but it does slightly more damage and explodes almost instantly. This is actually a really good ultimate because when paired with the dome of protection, you can basically protect yourself and your team from taking damage, while absolutely deleting the enemy team. It also makes the enemies less coordinated while you can see where everyone is, and this can change the fight dramatically. Only real downside is that it does also do damage to you and your teammates if you are inside the bombardment "circle".
Now that is basically all of his main strengths, but a common misconception is that he is a bigger legend, so he moves slower than other legends. This isn't true, all legends move at the same speed.
Has the biggest hitbox of any legend. Basically means you land more shots on him and don't need godly aim to hit all your shots. This is a HUGE weakness, because as Shroud says - You have to basically tank damage and out-aim enemies. If your aim is godly, then this shouldn't be too hard, but for new players, it isn't as easy to get high kill games with Gibraltar.
As a side note, Gibraltar is LGBT: https://www.pride.com/geek/2019/2/08/apex-legends-officially-has-queer-characters
Not a weakness btw ^^ its 2019
Anyway, how do you make Gibraltar better in fights?
Here are some of my suggestions:
- Change the passive to something like Octane's, where you slowly regenerate health, or make a passive that helps teammates(something like Lifeline's tactical).
- Decrease hitbox size to a reasonable size(I mean they probably won't but this is just how to make him generally good in fights).
Besides that, I don't see anything you can change without making him too overpowered to use.
Anyway, make sure to comment down your ideas below :D
EDIT: Poll was actually really close. The people who chose "Yes, Gibraltar is good" won by one vote! Thanks for voting :P

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POPULAR Octane avatar is here!

Hey Mooters!
The Octane avatar got released today! I told y'all I will upload it when ever I got it. So here it is!
Wraith's avatar is still my favorite though haha.
Credits to: @Lavie4K on socials
Other avatars: https://moot.us/lounges/124/boards/517/posts/980005

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POPULAR Bruh why this me

(Credit to Gamespot)

LV.21 You're a Bot

POPULAR APEX Quick guide - 11. SETTING

Today, let's discuss all the video settings in details. You can find this menu from the main menu > cog icon in the bottom right OR hit ESC in game and select settings>Video tab.
It sets your game to run either full-screen or in a window. I guess it really depends on your preference but I find running Apex in full screen gives you slightly better frame rate in general.
You wanna set this aspect ratio to the native aspect ratio of your monitor so that you can avoid stretching and distorting the game image.
If you turn down the resolution, you will surely gain significant FPS boost but you know you will obviously lose out in the quality of the game screen. In games like APEX, you really need to be able to see what's happening around you. Optimize all other settings first then check if the frame rate is where you wanted it to be. If not, then try lowering the resolution.
You've seen the warning on FOV that setting it above 90 may impact performance or cause visual issues. However, the only issue you will experience will be with sniper scope distance marks. It's only 100% accurate at about 80. If it doesn't bother you, you can set the FOV as low or as high as you feel comfortable with.
This does not affect frame rate
If you are sensitive to screen tearing, you should probably skip this advice. but if you want to yield better performance, DISABLE V-Sync to minimize input lag.
Do not play with this setting. It might increase your frame rate slightly but it will make your game screen blurry and images you see will not be as sharp.
It raises rendering resolution if the game is running faster that the target frame rate.
For high performance, keep this setting disabled.
AA smooths the image and reduces jagged lines.. it's very useful when you are scouting for enemies on the horizon. Put AA just above the resolution options in terms of getting your required frames.
Anisotropic Filtering eats away at your frames. Set it down to Bilinear if you are looking for an easy way to gain at least 20% boost in FPS.
Disabling Ambient Occlusion Quality will give you even better frame rate benefit than Texture Filtering.
Just turn it off. It only offers very negligible improvement to the visuals. By turning it off, you will gain significant frame rate improvement.
It has very little to almost no effect on your frame rate. Just leave it at HIGH.
Set this to LOW or at least MEDIUM for more solid frame rate
Disabling Impact Marks doesn't really increase performance that much. I'd rather keep it on if you wanna see the bullet holes on things you shoot at.
If you set Ragdoll accuracy to HIGH, you might lag from time to time when you kill an enemy. Keep it as low as possible. Unless you absolutely have to see your corpses to hit the ground in the right way when they collapse.

LV.21 Genius

POPULAR Apoxlite's Quick n' easy Apex Legends Guide: Characters

Welcome to Apoxlite's Quick n' easy Apex Legends Guide! Let's get straight to the point.

Passive: You can see recent tracks of an enemy and point it out to your teammates pinging it.

Tactical: See through walls and highlight where enemies are, this gives away your location with an orange ring around you.

Ultimate: You can see the enemy's footsteps, enemies are highlighted in red, you move faster and you can see through smoke.

Passive: When you aim you have a blue shield in front of you that protects you from some damage, very visible and can be toggled of by aiming and pressing down arrow or the H key.

Tactical: You throw down an indestructible dome that lasts some time and can't be shot through the inside or outside but players can go through it.

Ultimate: You get to throw down a beacon, one second after impact the area around the beacon will be bombarded by artillery.

Passive: Faster self-healing and when you are reviving a downed teammate an indestructible shield will appear in front of you. You also revive teammates faster.

Tactical: You leave down a drone that heals anybody (even enemies) around it, the more people are connected to the drone, the more health will be distributed between them. The drone eventually disappears.

Ultimate: Call in a care package that comes down rapidly containing anything but weapons. Usually contains purple rarity loot.

Passive: All around the map there are survey beacons that you can scan to reveal the next area, this will show up as a green circle on your map.

Tactical: You grapple to anything and go to it, for more advanced grappling check out other tutorials. You can also grapple to enemies and bring them to you (risky play with no shotgun).

Ultimate: Shoot out a zip line from where you are standing to where you currently are, anybody can use this zip line.

OCTANE (Season 1 character)

Passive: Automatically regenerates health, slowly.

Tactical: Go faster at a cost of 10% of your health. 2 second cooldown.

Ultimate: Put down a jump pad and go flying in the direction you were going when you stepped on it.

Passive: When enemies are aiming at you a voice will tell you, press down arrow or H to warn your teammates.

Tactical: Become invincible and invisible (though you leave a purple trail behind) for some time, enemies disappear, you are slightly faster, you can't shoot or heal and you can't interact with doors, octane's jump pad or lifeline's drone.

Ultimate: You become faster, an energy meter is shown on screen that depletes when you move and when it runs out you create two portals where you started and where you currently are. Anyone can go through the portals.

Passive: When you are getting shot at you go faster.

Tactical: You shoot three smoke grenades with a launcher, you get three shots that recharge over time.

Ultimate: Call down artillery that first lands, then explodes in order of impact.

Passive: See through nox gas (caustic's gas)

Tactical: You can set down gas traps that activate on proximity and slowly deal damage (ignores shield). You can only have 3 traps on Caustic, they recharge over time.

Ultimate: Throw a grenade that expands in an area of nox gas.

Passive: When you get downed you become invisible (you can still be seen a little bit) and create a mirage clone that laughs at the enemy.

Tactical: You create a mirage clone that mimics the action you were doing when you activated the ability (running, walking, crouching). The clone can't go on zip lines or jump on octane's jump pad. When the clone walks into a wall it disappears or stays still.

Ultimate: Create 8 mirage clones that walk a short distance and stay still, you become invisible (you can still be seen slightly), you run faster and you can't shoot or heal even when getting shot.

And this is the end of the first Apoxlite's Quick n' easy Apex Legends Guide. Hope this helped!

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