POPULAR If this get 10 likes then i will ping all mozambiques then post it on YouTube.

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POPULAR Apex Legends Lounge Guidelines

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POPULAR I think everyone agrees

follow me if you want more memes like this

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POPULAR So bloodhound was in the Titanfall 2 art book!

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POPULAR What I feel like today 😅

LV.12 Clearly Hacking

POPULAR Won my first game with Octane!

After 50+ games with Wraith and I still couldn't win, I purchased Octane.
Also, I played my first game with Bloodhound yesterday, and won that too. Maybe beginner's luck?

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POPULAR Does this ever happen to anyone else?

LV.20 Champion

POPULAR Am I right? Who here enjoys Pathfinder and being Tarzan? :P

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POPULAR My first win!

This is a while back when my gamertag was Baebee G, but I wanted to share it.

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POPULAR Who would you choose?

If you could only play 1 of the 9 legends for the rest of the time you play the game, who would you choose?

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POPULAR Umm... Just.. Okay.

LV.23 The Best

POPULAR Fortnite employees when Apex came out lol

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POPULAR When a lone Octane knocks your Bangalore..

And you aren’t going to let that slide. 😬 (sorry for the quality) #fullautoprowler4lyfe

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POPULAR Nearly threw the game

Just got respawned

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POPULAR Is Octane worth it?

I haven't done one of these in a while so here you go...
Octane costs 12,000 legend tokens or 750 Apex Coins($7.50) to unlock. Personally I would unlock him first, because I find Caustic useless for my play-style and Mirage is decent, but I rarely use him as well. 12,000 legend tokens sounds like a lot, but I'm only level 72 and I have all the legends and have around a few thousand to spare, so it really is probably a much better idea to save your legend tokens for him.
Based on his official bio, he is Octavio “Octane” Silva, the 24 year old heir to the CEO of Silva Pharmaceuticals who frequently succumbed to boredom. To entertain himself, he recorded himself doing death defying stunts and showing off his abilities.
Is he the right legend for you?:
I would suggest trying him out if you like to play aggressive, because like wraith, he has a reasonably small hitbox, and can get out of places quickly. If you play defensive or like to camp, he might not be the legend for you, but you can still try him out.
Anyway, let's talk about his abilities.
Passive: Swift Mend
Octane has one of the best passive abilities in the game, at least in my opinion. Swift Mend lets him gradually regenerate health, at least while he isn't talking damage. It's a bit slow, only one health point every two seconds, but you don't need to carry as many health items, saving more for your squad mates and saving precious inventory space.
Tactical: Stim
Octane's tactical may not be the greatest, but it can certainly be useful if you're trying to catch up with squad mates who are far away from you(or as the clip shows, delete other squads). It also shows how he can get away from spots faster than other legends. Activating "Stim" increases your movement speed by 30% for around 6 seconds. However, it costs 10 percent of your health, so you shouldn't use it if you are really weak and need to heal. As the Apex bio says for this ability "Using Stim at low health won't kill you, but the next shot just might."
Ultimate: Launch Pad
Octane's ultimate deploys a launch pad to launch you and your teammates into the air. It doesn't send you up into the sky, but you can use it to get to higher ground faster and clear reasonably tall buildings. This ultimate isn't always super useful however. Enemies can hear when people use the launch pad pretty well, and anyone has a clear shot at you while you use it, which doesn't ever end well in a fast-paced game like Apex.
His abilities are perfect if you prefer a fast paced game and want to get up close to enemies. His tactical can give a great advantage if you use it correctly, because it's pretty hard to hit all your shots if the enemy is moving faster than you. His passive is also one of the most useful in game. I would use shotguns, SMGs, and automatic weapons with him, because he is best played at close range. Used correctly, he is an absolute beast.
Octane Images and GIFs from Google and Gfycat. None of the GIFs and images are my own.
For verification: https://titanfall.fandom.com/wiki/Apex_Legends
Comment your ideas down below and like if you want to see more of these, and make sure to answer the poll <3

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POPULAR Got it! 🔪🔥

LV.6 Try Hard

POPULAR 10 Kill Solo Win

LV.4 Lurker

POPULAR 200 🙏🏼

LV.6 Try Hard

POPULAR Eventually got it 🔥

LV.14 Try Hard

POPULAR Who else ?

LV.21 Team Player

POPULAR Hell yeah first win let’s go

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POPULAR Apex Truth

My first post

LV.4 Lurker

POPULAR One hit man

Lmao so this happen today how was your day?🙏🎮🚀

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POPULAR Mostly when I feel this is like playing blooxxxund

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POPULAR Apex Legends Logic

LV.21 Genius

POPULAR Apex Season 2 teaser

From @playapex latest twitter post:
“For Season 2 you can expect a Battle Pass with more meaningful content, the introduction of a new Legend, the debut of a new weapon . . . and you didn’t expect Kings Canyon to stay the same forever, did you?”

Read the whole thing here:

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POPULAR When you get a win in apex

LV.7 Rootin Tootin

POPULAR TSM Myth on Apex's lack of content. Agree?

I think he pretty much exactly sums up how I feel about the situation. I don't need some crazy new thing, I just want SOMEthing. What do you guys think about the content situation in Apex?

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