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POPULAR 3 Things I Hope to See from the Apex Legends Battle Pass

As great as Apex Legends is, its success will likely be determined by the success of its upcoming battle pass (expected to be released sometime in March). Apex has taken the world by storm and gamers have been absolutely infatuated with the game. Many people have no problem supporting a game they love even if it’s free to play. Fortnite and League of Legends are two of the most successful games of all time, and both are free to play games that rely on cosmetic microtransactions to make their money.
Apex already has its Apex Coins and a shop where you can purchase legend skins and gun skins, but there’s one major problem: they’re extremely overpriced. A legendary skin costs $18 and to be frank, the vast majority of the legendary skins simply aren’t very good. In order for Apex Legends to succeed and have longevity, it’s absolutely critical that their battle pass addresses the current problems with their store and gives players a good reason to spend money on the game. Here’s what I hope to see out of the Apex Legends battle pass:
1. Reasonably priced
One of the biggest problems with Apex’s current system is that everything feels like a bad deal. $18 is simply too much for a skin that’s not even that good, that you can only use on 1 character, and that you can’t even see during the game because it’s first person. I don’t have a particular price point in mind for the battle pass, but it’s important that it feels like a good deal.
2. You should earn enough during the battle pass to purchase the next battle pass
This is a huge part of the reason why Fortnite’s battle pass is so successful. If you get through all the tiers, it gives you enough v-bucks to buy the next battle pass. I want to see Apex follow this trend. I think giving players a constantly supply of Apex Coins will be one of the only ways that people will be willing to purchase the overpriced shop items, and could incentivize people to buy Apex Packs with their leftover coins.
3. More than just skins
One of the big problems with the skins in Apex (besides the fact that most of them aren’t very good) is the fact that as a first-person game, you can’t even see the skin you’re using while you play. Where Apex shines, however, is everywhere other than skins. Each character has tons of personality and I’d love to see Apex really hone in on that. It would be great if the battle pass had things like new voice lines and quips. I would also love to see them add emotes into the game. These could temporarily put you in 3rd-person perspective just like the emotes in Overwatch. This would also give you a chance to see your skin in game and would be a great addition to Apex.
That sums up the 3 main things I want to see from the Apex Legends battle pass. Do you agree with me? What do you want to see from the battle pass?

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POPULAR Legend Tier List

Before we get into the tier list I want to mention a couple things. Although this tier list is meant to be as objective as possible, this doesn't mean that you have to play the top legends on the tier list. Every legend has their pros and cons and it's very possible that you will perform better with a lower-tier legend that fits your playstyle than you would with a higher-tier legend that doesn't. Just because a legend places low doesn't mean you shouldn't play them; this game is (mostly) well balanced and every single legend is playable. I'll include notes about each legend and why they are in their specific tier, but if you have more questions feel free to let me know in the comments.
1. S-Tier:
-Wraith: Wraith has the smallest hitbox in the game and one of the best passive and tactical abilities. She's fast, difficult to hit, and excellent at avoiding danger. Although the value of her ultimate is very situational, it can often be a very useful tool for both yourself and your team.
-Bangalore: Bangalore has an extremely good passive ability which, like Wraith, makes her very fast and difficult to hit. Bangalore is able to use her passive and tactical abilities to constantly engage, disengage, and reposition, meaning that she can almost always fight on her own terms. If Bangalore gets in trouble, her ultimate covers a large area and drastically slows everybody in it, allowing her to make a quick escape. She's also excellent at close-range combat, which is the most effective range to fight at in Apex.
-Lifeline: Not nearly as selfish as Wraith or Bangalore, Lifeline makes up for her lack of combat abilities with her incredible utility. Although many people think of her as an ultimate accelerant consuming care package bot, Lifeline's greatest attribute is her passive ability. Being able to use meds 25% faster is an incredible advantage as most of the time when you die in Apex you're either healing or reloading. Also, being able to quickly revive teammates behind an unbreakable wall makes it very difficult for mid or long range enemies to successfully convert a knock to a kill. Of course, her ultimate is fantastic as it supplies your entire team with high-quality gear.
2. A-Tier
-Bloodhound: Bloodhound is a unique legend and the only tracker in the game. Being able to follow enemy footsteps often allows you to get a jump on the enemy because your team is prepared for a fight that the enemy doesn't know is coming. Bloodhound's ultimate is also very good; the incredible speed boost it gives you allows you to use it to both attack and to run away, although it does have its downsides as you are very loud and noticeable while ulted. The main thing that prevents Bloodhound from being S-tier is a weak tactical ability. While it's nice to know where the enemy is, your tactical ability also tells the enemy where you are, which means that any sneak-attack advantage you might have had is gone.
3. B-Tier
-Mirage: Although Mirage's kit isn't nearly as powerful as the previous legends, he does have a comparable hitbox and is fairly difficult to pin down and kill. His abilities make him good at engaging because he can either distract the enemy with a decoy, or use his ultimate to flank them while he's invisible. The main thing preventing Mirage from being a higher tier is his lack of movement abilities, which are absolutely crucial in Apex. He also has a very weak passive ability which is where most legends find their core strength.
-Pathfinder: Pathfinder likely has the highest skill ceiling of any legend in the game. The only downside is that even after putting in the hours to master Pathfinder, he's still not going to be any better than the much easier to learn S-tier legends. Pathfinder's grapple is an incredibly strong ability, allowing him to attack at angles that no other legend can and allowing him to traverse the map much more quickly than anybody else. Unfortunately, his grapple is essentially his entire kit; his passive is completely useless and his ultimate is very situational.
4. C-Tier:
-Gibraltar: Gibraltar has by far the largest hitbox in the game, meaning that he's a very easy target for enemies to hit. This is especially bad in close ranges (the most important range) because it makes it easy for him to get hit by the most powerful weapons such as the Peacekeeper or Wingman. It is far too easy to land every pellet of a shotgun into Gibraltar, meaning that he is an easy 2 shot kill. Gibraltar does however have a good passive and an excellent ultimate, as well as a very versatile tactical ability. His ultimate is the only one in the game that can completely kill an enemy from full health and Gibraltar has the luxury of being able to drop it on himself in a sticky situation and still be protected by his tactical dome. Even though Gibraltar has very strong abilities, his massive hitbox greatly limits him from being higher on the tier list.
5. D-Tier:
-Caustic: Nobody wants to be on the bottom rung of the tier list but unfortunately for Caustic mains, here he is. Caustic definitely has his uses and, in certain situations, can be one of the best legends in the game. The only problem is that these situations are few and far between, and most of the time Caustic is just a sitting duck waiting to be killed every time he's not camping a building. Like Gibraltar, Caustic has a very large hitbox. Unlike Gibraltar, Caustic has no way of defending himself and covering his large hitbox. Although Caustic's ultimate can be a very devastating tool, it also disorients and slows your own teammates, meaning that it can often do more harm than good. Overall, Caustic has the sad combination of having a very weak kit and also being very easy to kill.
Feel free to ask any questions or to fight for your favorite legends down in the comments. Also, let me know what guide/tier list/etc you want to see next!

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POPULAR Easter Egg "A Black Dog"

In a corner of Market, located right in the heart of the map, there’s a little figurine of a black dog sitting atop a cushion. Ahead of it, there’s a photo of a couple, and behind a picture of the real dog to whom it’s a tribute.
The couple are Jason McCord, Lead Level Designer at Respawn Entertainment, and his wife, and the dog is theirs, named Shadie. After players discovered the shrine, McCord revealed that Shadie had passed away during the development of Apex Legends.
In tribute to his best friend, McCord had her immortalized in Apex. Shadie will be forever sat with her owners, tucked away in a little corner of what has quickly become one of the most popular games in the world.

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POPULAR I just lost a game due to a bug 😢

We were the last team alive but one enemy player exploited a bug where he stayed on the ship the entire game and didn't take any damage. He just sat there invincible for 30 mins, waiting for the game to end so he could collect his free win. In the video below you can see my team standing in the final circle where there are clearly no enemies. It's a very disappointing way to lose and I really hope Apex does something about this soon. I'm not the first person whose encountered this and there's nothing more game-breaking than a bug that literally guarantees a free win if you're willing to exploit it.

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POPULAR What's your guys opinion of the havoc ?

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POPULAR Apex Close call

When you are 2v1 and the last zone ALMOST kills you:)

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POPULAR Favourite Finisher?

Comment below

My personal favourite is Gibraltar's force of gravity.

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POPULAR #MyApexSquad Event!

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POPULAR Integrated Apex Legends Stats!

Whats goin' on Apex Legends Moot Squad?! Today we are happy to announce that we have integrated Apex Legends #Stats on Moot! Now whenever you create an LFG post you can make your stats available for the world to see.
To view a players stats, just click on a Game ID on any LFG post! It will bring up a page that looks something like this:
Please let us know any and all feedback you have! Happy Mooting 😎

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POPULAR Gun Review: Havoc

The Havoc is the first new gun introduced to Apex Legends. It's an assault rifle that uses energy ammo and, like the devotion, takes a bit of time to charge up and reach its maximum rate of fire.
The Havoc is the first gun in the game that can make use of two different hop ups: the turbocharger and the select fire receiver. The turbocharger reduces the charge up time, allowing it to reach its maximum rate of fire much more quickly. The select fire turns it from an assault rifle to a laser beam. The laser beam takes a long time to charge up, but is hitscan rather than projectile, meaning that there's no bullet drop or travel time.
Without any hop ups the Havoc is pretty bad. The charge up time is very noticeable and there's a solid half-second where the gun doesn't shoot at all. This means that unless an enemy doesn't know you're aiming at them, you're probably gonna lose the fight.
With the select fire the Havoc is even worse. The charge up time is horrendous and makes it very difficult to time the laser beam correctly. If you do hit with the laser beam, it doesn't really do much damage. I imagine that the select fire Havoc probably has the lowest dps of any gun in the game.
With the turbocharger the Havoc is very good, but it's basically a slightly worse Devotion. It doesn't have as large of a bullet capacity but it does have less recoil than the Devotion. The problem is that with these turbocharged guns, bullet capacity is usually more important simply because of how fast you can empty a clip.
Overall I would not recommend using the Havoc. I would probably place it in the D-tier without attachments, F-tier with the select fire, and S-tier with the turbocharger.

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POPULAR Wallrunning and Double jump movement

Data miners have already begun browsing through the game files - and have come across a few that could initiate Titanfall's movement and titans.
First reported by @RealApexLeaks on Twitter, fans at one of Respawn's other major franchise companies may soon see a crossover between the two, as files suggest that a Titanfall-like game mode might be released for Apex Legends. Especially in this mode the JumpKit is mentioned, which has become an integral part of the movement in Titanfall.
In Titanfall, small jetpacks are strapped around a player's waist, allowing players to temporarily use the engines of the item to help them gain height or protect themselves from danger. Wallrunning was also featured in the files, which means that players from Apex Legends soon ran along bare vertical faces to fight or escape their enemies.
Originally, Apex Legends should be Titanfall 3, with different files created for the game found in Apex Legends. RealApexLeaks indicates that they are not residual files from the original Titanfall 3 development, as they were not in the game before and were added to today.

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POPULAR How to Defeat/Exploit Caustic's Traps

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POPULAR New Gun Coming Tomorrow!

The official Apex Legends Twitter just tweeted there is a new gun coming tomorrow! Pretty juiced about it. Check out the Tweet below:

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POPULAR When Bloodhound uses his ult


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POPULAR My Top 5 Favorite Guns

I posted a gun tier list last week that got a lot of attention and (as expected) a lot of comments with people wondering why their favorite guns didn't make it higher on the tier list. While I still think the tier list is accurate (I might move Wingman up to A-tier), the point of this post is to show that personal preference matters much, much more than any sort of tier list. If you feel like a god when using a specific gun then you should keep using that gun even if it isn't "objectively" the best. Here are my 5 favorite guns.
1. Prowler with select fire
The Prowler with select fire is easily my favorite gun in the game. Its damage per bullet isn't all that great, but it has an incredibly high rate of fire with virtually no recoil and doesn't require a barrel mod. This is probably the best close-to-mid range weapon in the game. Just make sure to remember to put it on full auto once you get the select fire attachment.
2. Wingman
The Wingman is one of those guns that either makes you feel like a god or like the worst player of all time. When you hit your shots, you're almost guaranteed to win the fight, but missing just once can cause your death. It doesn't have any damage drop off, but not being able to put a scope on it makes it difficult to kill enemies at long range. Like the Prowler, the Wingman is also best at close-to-mid range, but it can be used at longer ranges if needed.
3. Kraber
There's not much that needs to be said about the Kraber. It's a one-shot kill headshot though any armor in the game. It only has 12 bullets, so it's really only good in the late game. Nothing feels better than getting the insta-kill headshots and getting a quick knock or two can easily allow your team to push and win the game. The biggest question with the Kraber is what do you pair it with? I'd recommend a solid all-around gun like the 301 or Spitfire, but you can also pair it with a Wingman if you want to really test your aim.
4. R-99
The R-99 is a fantastic gun once its fully modded. It has very little recoil and a very fast rate of fire. This makes it perfect as a "finishing" gun. You pop a couple shots with your main weapon and switch to the R-99 to spray down your weakened targets. The R-99 is best at close ranges because it's crucial to hit all of your shots. The high rate of fire means that you empty a clip very quickly and you don't want to be stuck reloading in the middle of a fight.
5. Hemlok
I don't think the Hemlok is all that good but for some reason I just love using it. Its 3-round burst is surprisingly effective hip-firing at close range which makes it one of the few guns that can genuinely be used at all ranges. With a 2x 4x scope, you can easily attack at mid ranges with burst fire and long ranges with single fire. This means that the Hemlok can completely replace your need for a sniper which allows you to have a stronger close-range weapon as your secondary.
Did your favorites make the list?
You can check out the gun tier list here:

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POPULAR ApexData.GG - ALL Apex Legends Weapon Data & Statistics

Recently found this on Github and i think this is pretty neat!
This website will display you all weapon damage, fire rates, compatible attachments, item stats, grenade damage and so on. I think this is some very useful information and a nice thing to pass around!
By the way.. Isn't it looking sweet? Anyway, if this is some useful thing for you feel free to visit the link below and take a look! If you can smash the like button if you like it so we can make it visible for more users.
Website: https://www.apexdata.gg/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ApexData-1430225080436016/
You can also contribute on Github if you want too: https://github.com/Mitcheljager/apexdata

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POPULAR Apex Legends Update 1.04!

How is everyone liking the new 1.04 update?

This update is supposed to address crash issues! It's awesome the developers are putting in the time and effort to fix all the bugs this early after release!

The issues they address with the 1.04 update are,

Fixes for PS4 crash issues.

Addresses issues we saw with GPU hangs.

Fixed crash when pressing button early in load process.

Fixed issue where players would sometimes move slowly after revive.

Fixed issue with Mirage Ability causing crashes.

Fixed issue with Gibraltar Epic skins on Xbox One causing crashes

If you haven't experienced any of these issues Please like and leave a comment!

If you haven't already, follow me here on moot and on twitch! @blazinmartianofficial. I will be doing Giveaways through twitch very soon so turn notifications on! You will have a very good chance of taking home the prize because im not very popular quite yet! Thank you and have a great day everyone!

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POPULAR Guide to Guns - 04. Alternator SMG

Twin barrel full-auto SMG.
Alternator was a Pilot Primary Weapon in Titanfall 2.
Slow-firing but packing decent damage for an SMG, the Alternator has high vertical but very little horizontal recoil, which, combined with its exceptionally quick reload time, makes it an easy and versatile weapon for newer players. Put an extended mag and a holo on it and you’re good to go, but don’t expect it to out-DPS a good Assault Rifle or LMG.
Base Damage: 13
Leg Damage: 11
Headshot Damage: 19 (1.46x)
Base Rate of Fire: 640 RPM
Base Magazine Capacity: 16
Ammo Type: Light Rounds
⚠ Attachments
[Extended Mag is essential]
⚠Spray Pattern
⚠Pros & Cons
- Pros
Best Hip fire capability
Quick reload time
- Cons
Hard Recoil
Lowest capacity mag
Lowest Damages
Alternator, the DPS value for this SMG is 130. The Prowler is 182 and R99 is 216. So the alternator has the lowest capacity and has the lowest rate of fire and the least damage per second. The only reason you would pick up this weapon is when you literally can not find anything else.
It's completely overshadowed by the R99, but I like the slower fire because it's easier to consistently track down enemies in hectic melee combat.
It's rarely worn late, but it's an ordinary weapon you can find right away, and it does the job really well.
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