POPULAR Who is your favourite character?

I Like playing as bloodhound.

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POPULAR Most possible upcoming Legend after "Crypto"?!


Posted: 08/06/2019

Time: 19:00 (GMT +8)

The Beginning of Mid Season 2 - Season 3 speculations.

After gathering some information from various news about Apex Legends and some reputable dataminers of the game (That1MiningGuy and Shrugtal), aside from the solo queues that might be upcoming in the mid season 2 or early season 3, the photo that has been posted by a Respawn Employee (Tina Sanchez) has been quite a mystery for a while due to the fact that the employee replied in a cryptic way to one of the fans who commented on her photo asking if the motion capture suit is for the legend "Crypto".

However, as we look at the photo tweeted by Tina Sanchez on the 2nd day of August (https://twitter.com/Teanah/status/1157036213452197888?s=20) it is evident that most people failed to notice another actor wearing a motion capture suit behind Tina Sanchez; in which some of us think would be the "real" actor for the new legend Crypto.

But who is the legend that Tina Sanchez may be acting for then?

According to That1MiningGuy on one of his latest video that was posted 3 days ago (Source: https://youtu.be/gRvK5WqSGHA), the well respected dataminer seems to be not that convinced that the Apex Legends stuff that the Respawn Employee tweeted is all about the most awaited legend "Crypto" due to these two reasons:

1. It might be oddly too late for Respawn to be just starting to do motion captures for "Crypto" after all the teasers that has already been displayed for him.

2. The actor infront of the picture is a bit too short to do motion captures for the legend "Crypto" in a way that he was portrayed in any concept art seen about him.

My own added reason? 🤔

Having two actors in a mocap suit is most likely a sign that Respawn Entertainment is working on an upcoming cinematic featuring two characters!

So why does it all lead to "Rosie" instead of the other legends that was datamined way before by an early dataminer called Shrugtal then? (Source: Photo by FrozenFroh posted in the reply section)

Not only that she's the seemingly only female character displayed in the files who is still unreleased, but also the fact that her name was actually teased on a note that was sticking at the top right corner of the screen saying "What's wrong with Rosie???" by Apex Legends when Season 2 was about to get started.

Also, isn't it odd that among all the character arts that were discovered by Shrugtal before, all of it actually got debunked around the time of the release of Season 2 except for one-- "Rosie"?

Could it be that the Respawn Employee's tweet be actually more than anyone has expected it to be?

Instead of merely working for the development of "Crypto", could this event be a preparation for a new cinematic film that Apex Legends might release in the future featuring the two new upcoming legends "Crypto" and "Rosie"? (A cinematic fight scene between "Crypto" and "Rosie" that might have something to do with the upcoming PvE event perhaps?) 🔥

But hey, aside from posting an opinionated theory, this is also just a compilation of coinciding theories that I've gathered from reputable people who are known to be the top theorists for the future of the Apex Legends game.

What do you think? Is it possible that we might get more legends in the game sooner than expected that will deeply emphasize the lore of the bloody arena existing within the Frontier?

Let me know about your thoughts right below the comments! :D

(Also, If I seem to have misunderstood some stuff about this, please let me know in the comments)

Disclaimer: Please be wary to not keep your hopes up and set your heart into this theory so much, these are merely educated speculations that might actually happen soon, later, or never. It's always advisable to always wait for the Official Respawn Entertainment announcement.

But hey, it doesn't hurt to uncover and appreciate the cryptic ways of Respawn when it comes to teasing a character, aye? 😏

Credits to the legend himself, That1MiningGuy, for being the source of most of the information on my posts.

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POPULAR You gotta say, Apex Legends skins are getting better and better as time goes by🔥

"Iron Crown Collection Event" coming soon!

Do you have what it takes be the last gladiator standing in the arena? ☠

Also, the Lifeline Skin rocks! 😍

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POPULAR "Child Abuse" - Apex Legends Version

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POPULAR Just another day in Apex

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POPULAR ApexAntagonist Applications Are Now Open ‼️🔺📝

Who are The ApexAntagonist you might wonder ? Glad you asked ; The ApexAntagonist are an Apex Legends based Unit that resides within the DoubleM Organization. ApexAntagonist is more than just a team but a family of individuals that play Apex Legends , it is a home for both casual and serious players of the game. There is plenty of things in store for you once you become a part of The ApexAntagonist ! We currently have a small roster and are looking to fill various spots to strengthen our numbers. This is a group for everyone and anyone regardless of what others may think , here you will always be respected and welcomed. If this opportunity interest you then feel free to click the link box below to fill out an application and shoot your shot at becoming a member today !

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POPULAR Poor kids were not ready... 😥☠

This is why the R99 is the best gun in the game, if you hit your shots.... game over.

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POPULAR Solo Mode Coming to Apex Legends!

Finally, Apex Legends is getting Solos! Solos will only be available as a limited time event for now during the Iron Crown Collection Event. Apex Legends is notably designed with team play in mind, as many Legends have team-oriented abilities. Solos will be available in Apex Legends on August 13th. The game mode will be available for two weeks.
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POPULAR Question

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POPULAR Best yet 👀

Maybe not great to some people but this is my best effort yet with the final result 🙌


POPULAR Season 3 expectations

What do you wanna see in season 3? Let's hear you out!

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POPULAR For all you lifeline mains


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POPULAR Ik I’m not the only one ! 👌🏾 #APEX

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POPULAR Shoutout to gatorboy45 for making me a banner! You a real one 💯 hit him up and give him a follow

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POPULAR 1v1 Apex training free

If you guys do not know who I am, I have been playing Apex legends since day one, I have 15000+ kills and almost 1000 wins, I am currently level 715, and am in diamond division. Besides obviously playing games one of my passions is teaching, and I would like to think that I am fairly good at it. Whether it is games or anything else, I try to go into the best detail I can and explain not only what to do but why to do it. I want to start helping people who want to get better at the game, get better. So with that being said I am going to start tutoring people who want the help, please do not ask for help if you do not want to take direction. I am a very patient father of 3 so I don't mind taking the time to teach if someone takes the time to learn. We will cover everything from movement, to map rotation, to best load outs for high kill games, to where to land for wins. I will most likely start a live stream series on this so that other people will also benefit from watching the training, so if anybody is intrested please feel free to comment here or message me personally. Hope you all have a great day. One love ☝️❤
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Here are the funniest Apex Legends memes from the past week!
1. For all you lifeline mains
2. Why are you guys like this?
3. Oh wow
4. *sip sip*
5. Uh hey Wattson, think you can do that shock thingy to me again? 🤷🏻‍♂️
6. Octane mains
7. Just trying to find a gun you serious❗️
8. Im unstoppable!!!! 😂😂🙌🏼
9. Just means ya trash lol
10. When your team drops Skull Town
And, Everyone who has one of their memes chosen will receive 300 Moot Coins! Congrats!

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I just don't know why players need to be toxic when they die, never heard someone saying GG!!
Is it that hard saying two letters!!

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POPULAR Gotta love those type of people

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POPULAR best feeling

best feeling in the world is take 2-3 wins back to back with a great squad and great communication

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POPULAR At least I got the squad wipe.😢

Got the squad wipe, and then.... Boom

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POPULAR The struggle is real 😂


POPULAR My friend I have to leave you, me:

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POPULAR Disruptor rounds

Do I just forget how to aim with the alternator everytime I find disruptor? Or does the hop up change the recoil pattern?

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POPULAR Accurate 100% 😂

No, I didn't devote my soul to Lifeline...
Why would I? 😂😅


POPULAR Why are you guys like this?

#Apex #ApexLegends

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POPULAR Guys be like when they see there’s a girl gamer on moot

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POPULAR Please... for the love of God... Ping! 😭😭😭


POPULAR What is your main legend?

I thought I would ask everyone there main character in Apex legends. so tell us in comments down below and tell us why it is your main.

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