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Resident Evil Village Theories

I’m thinking Chris is being used by Umbrella Blue to take out the competition under the guise of helping the world. Collecting all of these viruses to create vaccines for the government but also becoming the sole owners of these viruses and diseases.

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And we’ve seen US government officials go bad like Derek Simmons from RE6 so it’s not out of the ordinary for someone to infiltrate and use the power to influence and endanger the world. That’s what Los Illuminados wanted to do. I think that the Dracula-esque aesthetic is going to have that dude with the glasses as a sort of Van Helsing character or a helper of sorts at least for part of it, the chicks with the bug swarm will be sort of Vampires through the virus as well as the werewolf creatures, and the Los Illuminados will somehow tie in. The parasite/fetus symbol holds some similarities to some of the symbols of the Illuminados symbols in the graveyard of the Church in RE4. Also, some of the puzzles in RE7 heavily involve Crows/ravens and we know Lucas Baker was in cooperation with The Connections, the shadowy rival of Tricell, Umbrella, etc. the connections never were discovered and this would make sense if they were pulling the strings and experimenting in a small population of poor villagers in a remote area of Romania(the currency in the developer commentary was Lei which is plural form of Romanian Leu currency). The Connections could have been founded by Oswell E Spencer’s old associates or scholarly rivals and may have actually attained immortality/longevity and this could be the woman we see in the beginning. This would have caused Spencer to become even more obsessed with the goal of attaining Godhood if he found out but he couldnt tell others that he was unsuccessful while a rival was completely successful. This would explain no records of his communications with this mysterious rival. He also could have set aside another Wesker Child to experiment on and kept secret.

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I think this game will open up a conspiracy that was just underneath the surface in the other ones. Albert .Wesker was working with the Mysterious Organization and we never found out anything about them and Lucas was working for the Connections and so was Wesker’s HCF squad in the events of RE7 I believe in the development of E-virus/Mold.

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This is going to open up a massive conspiracy in the future games and it’s going to span the Salazar family, the a Spencer Family, the Wesker children, and possibly the Simmons family, and whoever Ada could be working with next. This is some insane story building over the years that some people have written off but they’re making these organizations public soon in-game.

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    I really wanted the return of Saddler and Los Illuminados, Saddler awesome, he best, im sure he will survive the final battle, and he should be in progress, he deserves better.