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Apr 8, 2020, 10:46 AM 187 read

[Rumor] RE8:Village

Resident Evil 8 was reportedly leaked yesterday and as there was plenty of details about the supposed upcoming game,but today more leaks and rumors have started to flood the internet. The story will be set in an European environment focusing on one of the beloved Resident Evil characters – -Chris Redfield. The first person pov seems to be returning as well. A new enemy character type, the Witch, is also apprently a thing. She, like Nemesis from RE 3: Remake, will haunt and stalk the player throughout the main campaign. The leak does once again state that this game is a follow up from Resident Evil 7, so you can expect some crossing over events to take place. With a Spring 2021 release date apparently set, we will have to just wait to see if all of this is true from Capcom.

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