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Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Guy killed in Funniest Way Possible

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The Chainsaw Man, one of the creepiest monsters in the Resident Evil franchise, does not go down easily. If he catches Leon off-guard, the sack-headed enemy can become a bullet sponge, which causes trouble in a game where every shot matters. Now, a YouTuber has found a new, albeit inefficient, way to defeat the Chainsaw Man.   YouTuber Dante Ravioli uploaded a video recently wherein he took on the challenge of killing the Chainsaw Man using only a door. In Resident Evil 4, Leon violently kicks doors open when he enters or exits a room, and then they automatically shut behind him.   Dante saw this as an opportunity. In the video, he lures the oncoming Chainsaw Man towards a house, and then backs in and shuts the door. From outside of the door, the sound of the chainsaw grows louder as it approaches. Once the enemy gets close enough, his chainsaw actually clips through the door slightly. At this moment, Leon kicks open the door, which smacks into the Chainsaw Man’s face. He stumbles, and Leon runs past him. Dante then waits for the enemy to charge, dodges around back inside, and repeats the whole process over again.   https://youtu.be/ovpVAjfzneE

  According to Dante, it seems no creature in the game is immune to the dreaded door. However, not all enemies spawn near enough to a door to try the trick on everyone.         https://gamerant.com/resident-evil-4-chainsaw-kill-door/

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