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GUIDELINES for the Brawl Stars Lounge!

Brawl Stars: General - GUIDELINES for the Brawl Stars Lounge! image 1

Hey there Brawlties! Welcome to the Brawl Stars lounge, one of the newest lounges we have on Moot! Thanks for everyone who voted! Today we are going to go through a quick guide on how to use this lounge and which posts to post in which section, because we need to keep our lounge well organized and clean as much time as possible! I hope you all will also follow this guide! Featured - You can't post a post in the Featured section but your post can make it there! It may be a funny meme, a poll, a post which will create a chance for discussion among other people, some new important news or update and so on! General - You can talk random stuff about how many trophies you gained with a strategy or tips on a map or a poll or things like that! Band Recruiting - Pretty self explanitory. You have a band, need more players. You need a band, come here! Hope this section benefits many of you! Memes - Memes are always going on about something or the other. We want you to post the most funny and hilarious meme you find about Brawl Stars! Bringing a smile to someone is a very very hard thing to do and you would do just that with a quality meme! Thats the Moot Content Policy. If you haven't read it yet, please please do! Some Rules Absolutely NO NUDITY or Explicit Content This game is for all ages, which means innocent eyes can be lurking everywhere. Please be respectful and avoid posting content like Pornography, Extreme Gore. They go against our Content Policy and will be removed on sight. NO RASICM Racism isn't tolerated on Moot and none of the Mods will put up with it. Respect yourself and everyone. NO Personal Info Sharing This is VERY important everyone. Sharing your personal information on any online app is very very dangerous. No not share your personal address, phone numbers, etc. NO Trolling Just because someone has a different view about something than you doesn't mean you should bully that person. NO Threats If seen you are threatening someone either physical. emotional or cyber violence, you will be dealt with swiftly and your account will be removed. Posting Under the Correct Board We haveb different boards in our lounge to keep everything organized so it is easier for users to find what they are looking for. Please follow this guideline strictly. Rule Breakers If you stumble upon a rule breaker, report them. Don't be afraid or shy, we are here to help. Sometimes we miss something but you all may help us in noticing that mistake! We Mods and Admins are here to help and assist you. So, sorry for boring you but well we need our lounge to be the best😉. Please follow this guide! If have any love or hate comments, feel free, and DM me if ever needed! Go Brawl!

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    Your gay

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    Excuse me?

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    I am playing around sorry it it hurt your feelings

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    No its fine. Just please watch over your language from hench on. Someone other may take a lot more offence so please be careful

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