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Feb 11, 2021, 12:58 PM 282 read

Now we're at brawl Stars, Good Bye Brawl Stars...✌️

I remember finding only 6 gif, a long time ago this game, now there's alot... This game came far... When the game went to Global launch I got hooked and play it alot... But now, this is the 3rd Supercell game I officially stopped playing... Kinda suck this one I enjoyed because I was free to play until, I caved in and bought the first battle pass... If I know that was a thing, I would just keep saving my gems because back then I used it for token doublers... I would of saved $10... lol... Oh well... Thought I could make esports with this game but at least that won't happen... This long was fun when it existed, but now it's just like every lounge, dead and people ask to be friends or be in clans... Me and a few other people would post memes to make things happen, we certainly tried... There we're many great people I met in this lounge, but one of the best had to be trickster... He talked about his life one day which wasn't the best, but through it all he he seem to have a positive attitude, I hope he's doing alright... I also stop play this game the end of 2019, but 2020 after summer is whatever it all went downhill... I was trying to make videos with this game, but it was a challenge... Maybe it's for the best... I think it's a great game even for Free to play players like me, but the fun seems to be over for me with brawl stars... I'll miss this game and the lounge back then... RIP Brawl Starts lounge...🤠✌️

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