Just Nathan Just Nathan LV.30 Dragon
Sep 12, 2019, 05:37 AM 725 read

Double Token Event Very Interesting isn't it???

When this came out I was like wow and shocked... Because it was out of the blue and wondering what's going on... Since our max is 200 tokens that's doubled by 400 tokens which is awesome... And with token doublers that can make it at 800 tokens... this is well needed not just for be, but for other people trying to progress and get new Brawlers... I did mention I was going use my gems to get token doublers, but I decided to not do save it when it hopefully comes again... I can see that not the best idea, but oh well... I'll manage and I only got 2 legendaries left... As u may know it doubles when u lose and win a game not for lv. Ups, ranks, and ect.... So yeah, still plenty of tokens... I talked enough, let me know what u all think... Til next time...✌️

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