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Welcome to the first installment of 'Rate Your Brawler!' What's Rate Your Brawler, you say? It's a series of posts made for you mooties in Brawl Stars lounge to rate each Brawler weekly and see what you guys think about them. I'll be giving a short guide on each brawler on Friday and create a poll which you can rate a brawler yourself from one to five star mark. The poll will go on for a week and the total rating of the brawler will be posted next week! There are a total of 22 brawlers in the game as of now and will be 23 when Gene joins the game shortly. Without further ado, for this week's Rate Your Brawler, we're going to take a loot at Shelly, the first ever Brawler we got to play as!
Buckshot - Shelly's boomstick fires a wide spread of pellets to a medium range. The more pellets hit, the greater the damage.
Super Shell - Shelly's Super Shell obliterates both cover and enemies. Any survivors get knocked back.
Star Power
Shell Shock - Shelly's super attack now slows enemies for 2.5 seconds!
Beast Mode in Close Range Combat - Shelly's attack moves are entirely based on her shotgun, and it's extremely powerful. When she's fully upgraded, almost any brawler will be taken down within 2-3 shots.
Super Shell? Super Useful - Shelly's super attack not only pushes your enemies away, but it also destroys obstacles ahead. You can use it to get away from heavyweight brawlers that have high HP or eliminate brawlers hiding behind walls.
Well-balanced for Newcomers - Although she's free and the first brawler you get in the game, she's extremely well balanced and good for almost any mode you play. Because she's typically strong in close range combat, spamming her auto-aim attacks will be more than enough to take down multiple opponents at once, and controlling her is super intuitive enough for newbies to get used to.
Low Health - Shelly's health is low compared to other brawlers with shotgun such as Darryl and Bull. Unless her super attack's charged full, you'll likely to get rekt by characters with higher max HP in close range while also have hard time penetrating enemy's defense when your opponents are ready to face you with long range brawlers.
Poor Mobility - Being a brawler with a shotgun, Shelly's skills are entirely committed to close range combats; however, because her movement speed is just not that great and lack skills to get close to enemies, experienced players are more likely to have her hide behind bushes, focusing more on taking down enemies stealthily rather than rushing in.
Where to use Shelly?
Gem Grab - It really depends on the map you're playing. The more the bushes, the better she gets. Hide and move inside the bushes for best results.
Showdown (Solo) - Hiding in the bushes, her ambush can be fatal to any brawler that approaches near her. It's best for you to keep your distance until your super's fully charged. When you're ready, take out your opponents up close.
Showdown (Duo) - Shelly goes well with Brawlers with high HP like Bull or El Primo. Have her hide behind the bushes for surprise attacks on enemies.
Heist - Shelly offers solid defense when it comes to playing Heists. Her super attack can push away opponents when your team's safe is in danger.
Brawl Ball - Also in Brawl Ball, her super attack comes in real handy when you want to get rid of boxes in front of your opponent's goal post.
Most of what is written here are based on my experience! Feel free to comment down below your opinions!


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POPULAR Brawl Stars Upcoming Patch Notes

We're getting a new update with minor fixes later this week!

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POPULAR This Dynamike Skin Idea is🔥

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POPULAR How to hit shots while aiming

Brawl Stars isn’t a first person shooter, some might say, why would you need tips on aiming?
Well, especially if you’re playing a sharpshooter, aiming is very important. Quickfire is only accurate to a certain range, and it doesn’t account for movement. So I decided to provide some tips on aiming and hitting your shots.
You should take movement into account by tilting your shots ahead of the enemy (if they’re moving) as the enemy will walk into your shots. Another good tactic is called “kiting” this involves moving forward to fire a shot, and then moving backward once the shot is fired. A handy tactic is to move in the direction the enemy is moving while firing. (Only works with characters who fire in bursts, like Colt, Rico, etc.)

Hopefully this is helpful to you, these tips are very useful, and can lead to hitting every shot if practiced enough.

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GUIDELINES for the Brawl Stars Lounge!

Hey there Brawlties!
Welcome to the Brawl Stars lounge, one of the newest lounges we have on Moot! Thanks for everyone who voted!

Today we are going to go through a quick guide on how to use this lounge and which posts to post in which section, because we need to keep our lounge well organized and clean as much time as possible! I hope you all will also follow this guide!

Featured - You can't post a post in the Featured section but your post can make it there! It may be a funny meme, a poll, a post which will create a chance for discussion among other people, some new important news or update and so on!

General - You can talk random stuff about how many trophies you gained with a strategy or tips on a map or a poll or things like that!

Band Recruiting - Pretty self explanitory. You have a band, need more players. You need a band, come here! Hope this section benefits many of you!

Memes - Memes are always going on about something or the other. We want you to post the most funny and hilarious meme you find about Brawl Stars! Bringing a smile to someone is a very very hard thing to do and you would do just that with a quality meme!


Thats the Moot Content Policy. If you haven't read it yet, please please do!

Some Rules

Absolutely NO NUDITY or Explicit Content
This game is for all ages, which means innocent eyes can be lurking everywhere. Please be respectful and avoid posting content like Pornography, Extreme Gore. They go against our Content Policy and will be removed on sight.

Racism isn't tolerated on Moot and none of the Mods will put up with it. Respect yourself and everyone.

NO Personal Info Sharing
This is VERY important everyone. Sharing your personal information on any online app is very very dangerous. No not share your personal address, phone numbers, etc.

NO Trolling
Just because someone has a different view about something than you doesn't mean you should bully that person.

NO Threats
If seen you are threatening someone either physical. emotional or cyber violence, you will be dealt with swiftly and your account will be removed.

Posting Under the Correct Board
We haveb different boards in our lounge to keep everything organized so it is easier for users to find what they are looking for. Please follow this guideline strictly.

Rule Breakers
If you stumble upon a rule breaker, report them. Don't be afraid or shy, we are here to help. Sometimes we miss something but you all may help us in noticing that mistake! We Mods and Admins are here to help and assist you.

So, sorry for boring you but well we need our lounge to be the best😉.
Please follow this guide!

If have any love or hate comments, feel free, and DM me if ever needed!

Go Brawl!

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POPULAR Brawl Stars F2P Tips for First Timers

Are you a noob who just installed Brawl Stars but don't have any clue whatsoever as to how you should play the game? Are you trying to get by in Brawl Stars as a free to play player? Then you're in for a treat, sir or madam! Today, I bring you informative tips on how you can survive as a free to play newbie😎
Although Brawl Stars isn't exactly all about collecting brawlers, as each brawler has its own unique ability and is fit for certain maps and events, your best bet is to collect as many brawlers as possible to keep up with other players. For that reason, I will be guiding you today through introducing series of ways to earn as many brawlers as possible as well as their star points to upgrade their power.
Before I start handing out tips, I have to remind you that Brawl Stars, by no means, is F2P friendly. Although the game officially launched in December last year, players have been participating in beta since 2017, making it harder for new players to penetrate what already is established. Nonetheless, I want to remind all of you not to give up. The longer the time you invest into playing it, the better you will become as well as your bralwers. Be patient, fellow brawlers, and let's rumble!
*Following post contains F2P guide for newcomers. Experienced Brawl stars may or may not find this informative. Please bear the obvious😉
1. How to earn free brawlers
1) Barley
As a starting F2P player, the first thing you'll want to do is to link your Supercell account to your app. Supercell offers a free rare brawler, Barley, with its awesome looking Wizard Barley skin just by following these simple steps below.
① Press the three lined bars on the top right corner of the screen to access menu
② Look for a button that says, "Connect" under Supercell ID
③ Press the button and login to your Supercell account. If you aren't registered, you can always sign up just by entering your e-mail
④ Enjoy your complimentary Wizard Barley
2)Trophy Road Brawlers
As many of you may already know, players earn free brawlers that can be unlocked by collecting certain amounts of trophies: 10 trophies unlock Nita; 60 trophiesn are needed for Colt; 250 trophies for Bull; 500 trophies for Jessie; 1000 trophies for Brock; 2000 trophies for Dynamike; and 3000 trophies for Bo. The journey will be long and hard for first time players, but the task is definitely worth your while as some of Trophy Road brawlers are placed high in the tier list.
2. Be a token collector
The most viable way for you to survive and become a decent player is to loot new brawlers and items by opening brawl boxes, and such an act requires tokens. Regular tokens can be earned when you participate in a match; plus, additional tokens can be farmed when you level up; rank up a brawler; and tap new event slots. As for star tokens, you can farm them one at a time from the first win of different events that refresh everyday. For every 100 tokens, you earn a brawl box ,and with 10 star tokens, you get to open a big box which basically is worth three brawl boxes. The final box in the picture above is called 'Mega Box' which contains 10 times more loot than that of a regular brawl box.
Each box can also be obtained when you reach certain amounts of trophies:
Brawl Box: 5, 20, 40, 300, 450, 750, 1200, 1800, 2200, 2500, 2700, 3400, 3700, 5300, 6300, 8300, 8750, 9750,
Big Box: 650, 1600, 4500, 7500
Mega Box: 4000, 5000, 6000, 7000, 8000, 9000, 10000, 12000, 14000
However, note that there are daily limitations to farming tokens. Leaving aside the bonus tokens, you're only allowed to earn 200 tokens for every 24 hours or so. Also, because the rarer a brawler is, the lower the drop rate gets which means you'll want to collect as many boxes as possible to increase your chance of getting brawlers with higher rarities.
In order to maximize the number of boxes you can collect, you need to collect to 800 trophies fast because event slots are unlocked one at a time as you progress up to 800. As stated above, players that have access to all modes can benefit from free 10 tokens for an each tap at a renewed event slot.
3. Spend your gem wisely
The one thing I cannot stress enough is that when you're a F2P player, it may not be a wise idea to buy new brawlers and star points directly, using gems. You might think to yourself, 'Hey, isn't collecting brawlers the whole point of this game?' I can't say you're wrong, but you gotta know you can collect brawlers with low rarities easily just by opening boxes. Cost-wise, it's more efficient to maximize the number of boxes you farm. That said, I suggest you buy brawlers only when the shop offers legendary brawlers at a great deal of discount. Then how should F2P players most efficiently utilize gems for the best results? Here are my few suggestions:
1) Mega Box
As mentioned above, a single mega box contains 10x more loot than a brawler box. It costs 80 gems in the shop to buy one, and you can also purchase it with only 60 gems as a daily deal. Once in a while, the shop offers a mega box at a more discounted price of 49. Don't miss this when you have enough gems.
2) Token Doubler
With only 50 gems, you can purchase an item called token doubler which basically doubles the tokens you earn for the next thousand, which makes it equivalent in value with a mega box that costs 80 or 60 gems. Of course, it takes time to collect all additional 1000 gems, but it's certainly worth it more than buying a mega box when you're short on gems.
3) Event Tickets
For those of you who aren't familiar with what event tickets are, let me briefly tell you what they're used for and where to get them. Every once in a while in Brawl Stars, they hold special events that you're to join only with an event ticket. You can also use up to 20 tickets at a time for 20 times more rewards.
These tickets are only farmable when you open boxes or purchase them from a shop WHEN THE EVENT IS ACTIVE. The max reward for Robo Rumble event is 32, and with 20 tickets run, you'll be able to collect 640 tokens at a time. Six tickets cost 10 gems; 20 tickets cost 30; and 60 tickets are sold at 80 gems which means if you spend 80 gems, you can collect up to 1920 tokens, double the value of a mega box.
However, because special events are unlocked at 350 triophies and can be quite challenging, it may be a good idea to stick to using token doubler for awhile until you're ready.
In conclusion, unless you're getting a 49 gems special offer of a mega box,
Event Tickets > Token Doubler > Mega Box
But for newbies, I recommend
Token Doubler > Mega Box > Event Tickets
That's it for today, folks! Be sure to tune in for more Brawl Stars content and news! Please feel free to comment down below and if you liked reading this, give a like and follow😉

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